There have been many training programs developed over the years for crashing the mass muscle barrier. Four of the most up to date and extensive programs that come to mind are: Big Beyond Belief & Titan Training ( Anabolic Training "A High Intensity Program for 20 Pounds of Muscle in 4 Weeks" (, and SIZE SURGE ( I have read them all but one of the most dynamic and unorthodox advanced training programs for crashing the mass muscle barrier was the one used by a New York City bodybuilder named Richard Simons back in the 1960's.

I was living in Miami, Florida in 1966 and I was introduced to Richard Simons (who was in town for a visit) through two of our mutual iron game friends Donne Hale, the owner of 'Hales Fitness and Figure Gym', and John Carl Mese. I told Richard that I recognized his name from his great training articles that were being published in Peary Rader's "Iron Man" magazine.

It wasn't long before Richard and I struck up a conversation about our favorite passion, bodybuilding. As we began to converse Richard told he had just recently completed a rather intensive 21 Day (Mass Up Cycle) and had gained 25 Pounds in the process. Now a lot of bodybuilders talk "smack" but I had a feeling this wasn't the case with this prolific bodybuilding writer.

He began to speak in more detail and said that previous to embarking upon the intensive 21 Day (Mass Up Cycle) he had been following a training program from the orient that many of the Nippon (Japanese) bodybuilders were using with great success. Basically it was a counter-split which consisted of SIX-DAYS-A-WEEK FULL-BODY BLAST WORKOUTS.

Richard explained that the whole-body was bulked (power pumped) on Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Countering (hence the term "counter-split) those training days, the whole-body was shaped on the intervening days (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday).

He said that this counter-split training system was an adaptation of the famous Joe Weider Split Routine system and that it was revolutionizing Japanese bodybuilding!

Here's an encapsulated and revealing look at the...

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

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