Losing Fat Without Trying On A Baseline Diet

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1) Establish an average daily caloric intake (page 146)

2) Eat the right amount of protein (page 149)

3) Modify carbohydrate intake (page 153-158) TRAIN HARD!


Fat pounds 27

189 pounds muscle

Muscle Tissue 183 pounds

21 pounds fat

More Muscle is added due to the right diet approach = Increased Metabolic Rate

Increased Metabolic Rate = faster fat loss

Small fat loss (with no cut in calories) is due to:

1) Modified carbohydrate intake

2) More muscle which burns more calories

3) Dropping body fat increases the metabolism. Fat acts as an insulator inhibiting thermogenesis. Lower fat stores also will alter the body's release of insulin. The leaner one becomes, the less insulin output.

Remember, high insulin channels food into fat stores!

Recall from a previous chapter, I said that I do not recommend drastically altering training for contest preparations. Whatever gave you that muscle in the first place will be the same thing to enable you to hold it while dieting. Instead, allow your fat loss to come from dieting and cardio work.

First a couple of notes on dieting. Dieting alone is not selective at fuel burning. For those who diet (without exercise) half the fat loss comes from fat and the other half comes from a loss of muscle. Therefore, the dieter who loses 20 pounds has failed to alter his body fat level. Instead he loses 10 pounds of fat and 10 pounds of muscle mass.

The person who adds cardio work has similar problems. Cardio work accelerates fat loss but does nothing to cause a retention of muscle mass. The dieter who performs cardio work

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100 Weight Loss Tips

100 Weight Loss Tips

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