Lack Of Consistency

The most common excuse for missing bodybuilding workouts is the perennial "I don't have time." While this protestation should certainly be true of someone facing the prospect of marathon or six-day-per-week training, it certainly should never apply to proper training for muscular mass and strength increases, which, at the most, should take a mere twenty to forty-five minutes per workout once to three times per week. In fact, in a recent experiment a subject noted dramatic muscular growth on a program of one two-minute workout repeated every two weeks!

Again, the name of the game in terms of continuing size and strength increases is intensity of effort. The harder you engage in an activity required to solicit an adaptive response of overcompensation (muscle growth), the less time you can engage in the activity. This simple law of physics regarding intensity and duration is not subject to anyone's suspect opinion—no matter how big the person's muscles or pocketbook.

If muscular progress can be observed with a time investment of a meager forty-five minutes per week, how can anyone justify the "don't have time" argument, short of a major emotional crisis? If you have fifteen minutes three times a week to read a book, talk on the telephone, watch TV, or eat more food, then you unquestionably have enough time to stimulate some muscular growth via exercise. If the bitter truth is that you flat-out have no inclination to exercise, then admit it and be prepared to accept the consequences of that stance.

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Health and Fitness 101

Health and Fitness 101

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