Improper Structuring

Although more and more bodybuilders are beginning to train intelligently in that they are training no more than one to three days per week, the vast majority of these trainees construct routines that employ exercises in the wrong sequence. It is common to see bodybuilders start with their calves or arms and finish up by training their legs.

Unless specializing, this is incorrect from the physiological standpoint of localized reserves that are used up in proportion to the stressor that taps them. If you train your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and calves as hard as is required to stimulate growth, then it is highly unlikely that you will retain sufficient energy, as well as inclination, to train your legs as hard as is required to stimulate growth in them. Your legs, having the largest and most powerful muscles in the body, naturally require the most energy when trained properly in high-intensity style. It also stands to reason that you will have more energy to expend on them at the beginning of your workout while you are still fresh and your reserves are as yet untapped.

Your other muscle groups require less energy to be trained properly, owing to their comparatively smaller size and strength. They should be trained in descending order of their amplitude after you have trained your legs.

The ideal structuring of a routine intended to stimulate maximum muscle growth in all major muscle groups would be as follows:

1. Legs

2. Back

3. Chest

4. Shoulders

5. Arms

With this sequence, you can be confident that the muscle groups that require the most energy are able to receive it when their energy reserves are at their fullest and, consequently, when the most energy is readily available.

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