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Our next muscle agent was actually the very first person I contacted to be a part of this landmark size project. Chad Waterbury is extremely well known for his unique ideas on central nervous system and body composition so I knew I needed him.

Quite honestly, Chad has been held back. This ideas are so original and never before seen that Chad has to limit all of his knowledge when he writes. Chad information is actually so powerful that he can't spill all his beans because you'll keep growing.

I know this personally due to my private conversations with Chad. Taking just a few tips from Chad enabled me to add 15 pounds on my bench press and 4 lbs of muscle in just a little over 3 weeks.

Chad spills the beans on exactly how he forces the ever powerful central nervous system to build pounds of lean muscle. Chad even goes off the "beaten path" and touches on areas that he purposely has to take out of his articles because the ideas are that hot.

During Chad's revealing presentation you'll discover:

• The secret to play with the big guys and stay natural. If you've ever looked at the top physique magazines and wanted to know how the cover models looked that way then you don't want to miss this Not only does Chad go off on the old dogma of how to build muscle, he even lays out the exact sets and reps you need to be doing.. And the biggest secret is. you can apply this to your training right away!

• The rule about using intensity methods. We've all done things like drop sets, super sets and forced reps in an attempt to grow You'll hear about Chad's simple rule that boosts there effectiveness over and over again.

• The innovative "bodypart" strategy that leaves you no choice but to grow . (So easy yet freakishly powerful.)

• The power of doing things "wrong" to create muscle on demand. How Chad leverages the power of doing things "wrong" to build size faster than the "right" way of training. You don't want to miss this.

At this point of the conversation I thought that Chad had given me all of his new muscle building secrets that he was going to give me

Then Chad dropped an absolute bombshell that will get every magazine and bodybuilding site talking ...

• REVEALED: The truth behind central nervous system fatigue.

Chad's answer has never be spilled in one of the 100's of articles on the

subject. The potential of understanding this one is huge.

Facts About The Central Nervous System Fatigue That Are Worth Listening To Chad About and Why Chad's Presentation Will Be So Valuable To You:

• A recent report from a leading, third party independent nutritional supplement examiner reveals that nearly $189,320 is spent worldwide on supplements that claim to stop central nervous system fatigue .

• A contact at THE major online bodybuilding forum/website told me that 1 out of every 15 forum posts and 1 out of every 25 articles deals with central nervous system fatigue

• According to Google search statistics, every day at least 5,000 people worldwide search for a topic related to central nervous system fatigue.

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The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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