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To make sure you're building the body that you deserve I will personally examine and evaluate your current training and nutrition program during a 15 minute phone call.. It's absolutely critical that you have someone with real-world muscle building experience let you know if you're headed in the right direction or for a train wreck.

Just think how much money on crappy supplements and frustration this will save you because you'll have the confidence of knowing your program is headed in the right direction.. (This is a very real $300.00 value since I charge that for consulting - but you'll get it free included with your package.

And then I step in again...

When you've implemented what we've discussed and made some changes I will thoroughly review and check it out in a follow-up email. I will give you feedback on your supplement dosage,diet, exercise selection and most importantly the programs muscle building potential and how to increase it! This is another $300 free bonus for you.

As you can see I'm willing to personally advance you through the most difficult, frustrating and confusing parts where most people get stuck and don't grow. You just call me and get my best-reasoned advice for every critical area of your training.

Bonus #5:Strength For Size Interrogation

What good is all this lean muscle if you can't get stronger? I turned over some big rocks and found AJ Roberts hiding under one and knew that I had to get him involved. At just 23 years old AJ Roberts is a strength phemon in the powerlifting world and he was even recently invited to the powerlifting event at the Arnold Classic. Here's some of what you'll learn:

• Why you absolutely must be concerned about improving your strength to get big.

• The strength to size ratio and why it concerns your muscle size.

• The number one mistake most bodybuilders make in the bench press and why it's a big problem.

• A simple and quick trick to squat more in just 5 minutes (Hint: it has nothing to do with box squatting).

• The A-B-C formula to improve your calves, hamstrings, low back and upper back. Warning: This goes against every bit of bodybuilding wisdom that you've been taught.

Bonus #6: Female Hot Body Secrets

I know what you're thinking "what is Jimmy doing"? Quite frankly, I wasn't too sure if I should of included any type of female training information. After all, building muscle is more of a guy thing. Then I realized I was making a big mistake. After all, how many guys look up pictures of figure models online or stare at the covers of muscle magazines?

It's only human and most guys do this to pick up tips and secrets on how the women in their lives can look better plus I know that there are going to be some women in fantastic shape interested in learning how to get in even better shape.

So I called up two of my good friends, IFBB Figure competitor Mandy Polk and rising amateur figure model Rosanne Clemente and got them to spill the beans on how to build a hot female body. Here's some of what you'll learn

• The top 4 mistakes when make when trying to build lean muscle.

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