What Are Steroids

Before reading the following chapters it is vital the reader has a basic understanding of natural testosterone production and its actions. I realize that it is probably pretty boring for many readers but I have also found it is quite necessary foundational knowledge. Besides the obvious, it is kind of fun to find out what else "the boys" can do anyway. I wish to warn any sensitive readers about my writing style: Though some may take offense at my candidness concerning any topic including sexuality (yes, I said the "S" word) I apologize to no one who chooses to read beyond this point. Simply stated, it is my right to freedom of expression and your right to choose not to read on or agree. (Yes, I once received a letter declaring me "perverse" for the words.. ."the boys became raisins no sun could shrink worse".)

There are several sex hormones. Some such as estradiol, estrone, and progesterone are sex hormones referred to as estrogens. Androstenedione, androstenediol, and testosterone are referred to as naturally occurring endogenous (made inside the body) androgens. The former group is the prominent hormones in females responsible for the formation of female pattern fat deposits such as in breast, hips, and buttock areas as well as the formation and maturation of the female sex organs. The latter group, Androgens, are the prominent hormones in males that are responsible for characteristics such as a deeper voice, increased muscle and bone mass, facial hair, increased body hair, male sex organ formation and development, and aggressiveness.

*You would think that last characteristic was true of estrogens too, since PMS is a defense for murder! (It is)

Both men and women produce androgens and estrogens. Women's dominant production is estrogens, and men's dominant production is androgens. Reverse this and each will take on their counter-parts characteristic to quite some extent. Our main focus for the following chapters is the male androgen testosterone and its almost endless derivatives and esters.

On average, men produce 4-10 mg of testosterone daily. This means that an average male can synthesize 28-70mg of endogenous testosterone weekly. However, before we go on, a basic understanding of other hormones is necessary also.

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