Week Alternate Stage 1 Phase 1 Example

1. Anadrol-50 150mg/d-Test. Prop. 300mg/d-Deca Durabolin 100mg/d

2. Anadrol-50 100mg/d-Test. Prop. 200mg/d-Deca Durabolin 100mg/d-Primobolan Depot 50 mg/d

3. Anadrol-50 50mg/d-Test. Prop. 100mg/d-Primobolan Depot 100mg/d

This was an alternate to Phase 1 some had reported favorable utilization of. The Anadrol-50 was liver toxic but most only used it for 21 days total with this example. This caused a very rapid weight gain stacked with Testosterone Propionate. However most athletes androgen receptors were quite saturated by the end of week #2 or mid week #3, so it was notably wise that the more experienced individuals took their gains and ran (ended the protocol). This meant introducing a high anabolic/moderate androgenic. By beginning Deca Durabolin week #1, the anabolic effects began on day #6 of week #1 and slowly peaked until about a week after the end of week #3. This aided in turning the high weight and strength gains from Anadrol-50 and Testosterone Propionate into solid retainable mass. Primobolan Depot was introduced week #2 so as to be prepared for the high androgens loss and cortisol elevation. Remember that Primobolan Depot is an AAS that worked well in a high cortisol environment if there was enough protein available from diet.

During this protocol, an estrogen /cortisol suppression type protocol such as outlined in Phase 3 B example #1 or #2 was commonly used beginning mid to end week #1. This produced excellent muscle hardness as well as aided in over-all lean mass gains while suppressing cortisol/estrogen post AAS use. Where DHT conversion was a concern, much was avoided with 1 MG of Proscar daily and discontinued at the end of week #3. My personal calorie intake was atleast 20 calories per pound of body weight daily. The obvious following cycle was usually Phase 2 beginning at the end of an estrogen /cortisol suppression period. Most reportedly gained atleast one pound per day during this phase. However continuing with any AAS was counter productive beyond day #21.

*Remember; anti-estrogens and Cortisol inhibitors are not AAS.

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