Thyroid Hormones Are Anabolic

Many athletes were not aware of the fact that thyroid hormones are a true form of absolute anabolic. The usual method of employment for thyroid hormones was during pre-contest periods. Obviously, this is because increased thyroid hormone levels means elevated metabolic rate and resulting increased calorie expenditure or use. This explanation itself suggests the noted anabolic potential.

Thyroid hormones govern or regulate our metabolic-rate or metabolism. Metabolic rate is the speed or rate at which all chemical and physical processes occur. This is true of every living cell in our bodies. This means that the rate of nutrient metabolism, absorption, and utilization is vastly dependent upon thyroid hormones. In fact the levels of thyroid hormones in our body determines if the food we eat is stored as adipose (fat) tissue, utilized for regeneration and building, or burned as heat /energy. How often have you heard some whale claim "it's glandular" as they stuff another box of donuts in their mouth? In some cases it is actually the truth. So fix it!! Low thyroid hormone levels slow the healing / growth process while increasing fat stores. Overly high thyroid hormone level results in tissue catabolism or wasting. But thyroid hormone levels matched to nutrient supply and demand were commonly considered to be seriously anabolic. Remember, training and chemical muscle enhancement protocols created a massive nutrient demand. If thyroid hormone levels are too low, no amount of calories will be an adequate supply simply because they are not metabolized at the necessary rate. This is why athletes often got needlessly big-time fat. They ate to keep up with major muscle chemistry, but failed to provide a metabolic rate to match.

*The administration of thyroid hormones should be under a doctors care only. WHY ARE THYROID HORMONES ANABOLIC?

Thyroid hormones trigger the release of fat stores so other cells can convert the long chain triglycerides (fat) into heat, energy, ATP. By increasing ATP, muscle cells are better able to regenerate, and do so at an increased rate. Thyroid hormones increase creatine transport and increase androgen/GH/IGF-1/IGF-2 receptor-site sensitivity. Thyroid hormones increase the rate of nutrient metabolism, absorption, and utilization. Gee, sounds like the perfect growth environment to me when considering the fact that growing children do this naturally so well. It also meant major chemical muscle enhancement synergy for those whom reported use.

Many would be surprised to realize how many top bodybuilders remained "on cycle" with thyroid hormones all year long. This allowed maximum growth and recovery rates while preventing excessive fat accumulation even in the very brief "off season". The difference in diet and mass phases was dosage, though some altered the term dosage to mean "available". Why did they include thyroid hormones in their mass stacks?

Thyroid hormones can have a re-partitioning effect upon body composition or muscle-to-fat ratio. As example were the many athletes whose weight was 250 LBS but only 10% bodyfat when total daily circulating thyroid hormone levels were elevated 1050%. This would be due to thyroid hormone activity inducing improved nutrient metabolization and cellular efficiency combined with other hormone synergy. Of course, this is what "Absolute Anabolic Phases" were all about. But those who read about" Frank N. Steroid" already know about this effect and how it was created.

Turbo Metabolism

Turbo Metabolism

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