There are several possible stacks females have reported superior benefit from

1. Megagrisevit Mono-20 mg every second day/Durabolin (or Deca) 50-100 mg weekly/Testosterone Propionate-50 mg weekly provided strength/mass/hardness.

2. Orabolin 12-14 mg daily/Equipoise 50 mg weekly was noted as a very safe low toxic very low virilization concern stack for all around use.

3. Dynabolan 80.5 mg weekly / Primobolan tabs 50-100 mg daily was an effective low to moderate androgenic, highly anabolic stack with great versatility.

4. Deca Durabolin or Anadur 50-100 mg weekly/Winstrol tabs 10-16 mg daily was a moderately androgenic / highly anabolic stack that provided slightly better results than Oxandrolone /Deca Durabolin.

5. Equipoise 50 mg weekly/Winstrol tabs was a low toxic stack which provided slow and steady gains which were well retained post-cycle.

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