Reported Characteristics

Drug Class: Adipocyte Necrosis Stimulator HPTA Suppression: None

TNF should not be confused with TGF. Though similar in reaction, their action is through a different mechanism. Endogenous TNF production is normally a response to infections. Once released TNF kills fat cells through necrosis. Let me explain that. Every cell in genetic material contains specific DNA for cellular death. The exception is cancer cells. When the body has either the need for energy or factors contained within a cell the DNA is triggered through one or more chemical messengers to give up the factor. In the case of TNF, the message is "commit cellular suicide". When applied to fat cells (adipocyte) the result is a reduction in adipose tissue. It sounds cool, but the same signal can kill muscle cells as well.

Athletes used a wide variety of substances in their quest for the ultimate physique or performance. Some truly health necessities...and some were insane alternatives to wiser choices. Many of these items can only be listed under .. .other substances.

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