Reported Characteristics

Active-Life: About one day.

Drug Class: Androgenic/Anabolic Steroid (For injection)

Average Reported Dosage: Men 150-1400mg weekly Women 25-50mg weekly

Acne: Yes, high

Water Retention: Yes, high

High blood Pressure: Often in higher dosages

Liver Toxic: Low

Aromatization: Yes, high

DHT Conversion: Yes-high

Decreases HPTA function: Yes, significantly

Testosterone suspension is Testosterone crystals suspended in sterile water. The product becomes active about 1 hour after injection. Those who used suspension noted an unbelievable elevation in strength and aggression coupled with a rapid build-up in muscle mass. Women bodybuilders commonly reported the use of use 25-50mg daily during the last 1-4 days before competition to cause a rapid increase in androgens to over ride high estrogen levels and the resulting aldosterone levels. Since Aldosterone is the body's water regulating hormone this method improved hardness significantly.

Males usually administered 50-200mg daily for the same purpose. Testosterone suspension significantly boosts glycogen storage in muscle tissue. After carb depletion and during a 2-4 carb-loading phase, the results of suspension use have been amazing: Increased muscle striation and separation combined with a fall hard look to the tissue. Suspension was rarely reported to be used by novice testosterone users even during mass gaining cycles simply because it "hurt like hell" and maintained plasma levels required daily administrations. (But it actually produced better results than other testosterones). As with other testosterones, prolonged use led to a serious decrease in natural androgen production.

*Suspension is more androgenic and anabolic than either Enanthate or Cypionate only because it is not testosterone joined to an ester. This simply means 100mg of suspension actually has 100mg of active testosterone that enters the circulatory system at a fairly rapid rate. (More testosterone = more activity!)



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