Reported Characteristics

Active-Life: 20 days

Drug Class: Androgenic /Anabolic Steroid (For injection) Average Reported Dosage: Men 250-1500mg weekly Acne: Yes

Water Retention: High

High Blood Pressure: Yes, due to water retention

Liver Toxic: Low

Aromatization: Yes, high

DHT Conversion: Yes

Decreases HPTA Function: Yes, severe

Milligram for milligram the French manufactured testosterone heptylate was often said to be stronger than any other testosterone ester. Again, testosterone is testosterone and activity is a factor of the actual parent drug content of an ester as well as dispersion rate (active -life). Like all testosterones, this drug is a high androgen/high anabolic substance that provided a serious build-up in size and strength. Water retention was lower than with cypionate. This may be due to a slightly lower level of aromatization. (Some esters also effect the rate of conversion to estrogens slightly) Severe suppression of the HPTA was common and HCG/Clomid administration was considered mandatory after 46 weeks of use and at the end of the cycle. DHT conversion is high so androgen sensitive athletes opted to either not use testosterone or utilize a conversion inhibitor such as Finasteride. Anti-estrogens such as Novladex or Teslac were reported as necessary for sensitive individuals and higher dosage use. Most athletes seemed to experience fewer side effects with Testosterones Heptylate than with Cypionate.

Gains were of a higher quality nature. Due to lower water retention, the musculature's had a somewhat less smooth appearance than what is common with some other testosterones. Excellent muscle pumps and an improved appetite were also common after only a few days of use. Like most Testosterones, a quicker recovery / regeneration quality existed.

Men commonly used a weekly dosage of 250-1000mg. However, excellent results were realized by novice testosterone users at a dosage of 250-mg every 5-7 days. Women do not seem to suffer virilization symptoms at dosages of 25-50mg weekly, but women and testosterone use is/are always a crap shoot! Even though Testosterone Heptylate remains active for about 20 days, it was necessary to use injections every 10 days to avoid a roller coaster effect in plasma androgen levels.



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