Reported Characteristics

Active-Life: About 24 hours

Drug Class: Androgenic/Anabolic Steroid (For injection)

Acne: Yes

Liver Toxic: Very

Water Retention: Low-None

High Blood Pressure: Rarely

Aromatization: None

Metribolone is the trade name for the drug Methyltrienolone, which is the most potent AAS produced. It is actually an orally active form of Trenbolone chemically altered into a 17-alkylated compound. Obviously, this means serious liver toxicity. In fact, even at microgram dosages, (1milligram = 1,000 micrograms) it is 15-20 times more toxic than Anadrol-50. That is toxic! Though orally active this AAS is provided in vials and meant for injection use only. But in truth, Metribolone is about 40-50 times more androgenic than Methyltestosterone, so a little goes a long way. The drug is fairly resistant to DHT conversion but does bind easily to scalp and prostate androgen receptor sites.

In clinical research, Metribolone is used to determine receptor-site affinity / displacement. Let me explain that. Metribolone is a very powerful androgen receptor-site stimulator and antagonist. I doubt there is any AAS more powerful. Since it binds so strongly to the receptor-site, researchers use the drug to see if other drugs can dislocate it, or for comparison. Not even Deca can kick it out of receptor-sites!

Metribolone is highly resistant to binding proteins such as SHBG. This means it remains highly active in the blood. If you recall, about 97-99% of our testosterone is in a "bound" state and only the remaining 1-3% is active or free. Only free or active androgens can fit into receptor-sites and trigger the anabolic mechanism. Some AAS are more resistant to these binding proteins than others. And Metribolone is the most resistant of all. Like I said, a little goes a long way. As example consider this for a moment. If all other factors of potency were equal, 1mg of unbound/free Metribolone would have the same activity as 97-100mg of testosterone due to the effects of binding proteins.

*Metribolone is like "Super Parabolan". The few individuals I know who have tried it reported the stuff was nothing short of amazing. This is an injectable form of course. Since Metribolone has a brief active-life, daily injections were reported as necessary. With mega-dosage use liver damage is not just a high concern, it is a fact. Since this drug is like "Super Parabolan", all negative side effects, results, and uses of the two drugs are interchangeable for the most part, with the obvious exception of reported dosages. I have seen only a few vials of the SP Labs product available on the black market as of yet. However, there is an injectable around that claims to be made by Denkall. It is an underground lab product actually and the mcg/ml is suspect as is sterile factors. Personally, I did/would not use the drug. It just amazes me that it exists.

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