Reported Characteristics

Active Life: 10-14 days

Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (For injection)

Average Reported Dosage: Men 200-400-mg weekly Women 50-150-mg weekly

Acne: Light at dosages of up to 200-mg weekly

Water Retention: Very low

High Blood Pressure: Rare

Liver Toxic: Low

Aromatization: None

DHT Conversion: None

Decreases: HPTA function: Only slightly in dosages over 300mg weekly and due to prolonged periods of use.

Primobolan Depot is similar to the acetate tablets with a few differences. Though it is a predominantly anabolic steroid, being a DHT derivative it also maintains some androgenic qualities. For this reason, it does have virilizing aspects to consider. This explains the improved strength and harder appearance polled users obtained in part. Naturally since it does not convert to estrogens, induced low water retention and a distinct lack of gyno and female pattern fat deposits was noted as avoided. In fact, the drug does theoretically act as an anti-estrogen to a lesser extent.

*Women reported they were able to avoid some virilizing aspects with Proscar.

Most first time male (AAS novices) users reported an 8-16 lb gain after 6-8 weeks of 200mg weekly dosages. The new muscle was of a high quality and usually was retained quite well after discontinuance. This may have been due to Primobolan depot having only a slight negative effect upon the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA). In short, this drug was noted to only slightly shut down natural testosterone production and therefore there was not a significant lack of testosterone or an elevation in circulatory estrogen post- cycle. This was especially true if dosages were kept at 200-300-mg weekly for no more than 6-8 weeks for males. (Women don't have testes, remember?). For this reason, older males made excellent and reasonably permanent gains with little interruption in their already lower natural androgen production. For stacks focusing on this issue, Oxandrolone and Android were said to work very well with Primobolan Depot. Primobolan based stacks containing nandrolones and/or Equipoise were commonly utilized for this purpose also.

*A point of interest: Primobolan Depot (like Winstrol Depot) has been noted to possess excellent site- injection qualities. This means that a lagging body part became the injection site for dosages. Most who used this type of protocol did so after training that body part to avoid bruising.

Women actually should not have used high dosages of any DHT product or derivative. DHT has excellent hardening effects, but also has masculinizing aspects. An often noted as safer method for use of such drugs was to also co-administer a 5-ALFA-REDUCTASE INHIBITOR such as Proscar. Its active ingredient is Finasteride which blocks testosterone's conversion to DHT. Yes, that is the pill guys take to stop their hair -line from receding. 1mg daily was said be enough when women stayed in the 50-200mg weekly dosage range when using Primobolan Depot.

Since Primobolan Depot actually has an active-life of closer to two weeks, injections were commonly administered weekly by those whom reported lower dosage use. But due to predominantly 50-mg/ml ampules being the most available a 4-ml/200mg injection "hurt" to an excessive degree for those whom employed the higher dosage protocols. So twice weekly injections was the normal method chosen.

*It was my experience that Primobolan was one of the few steroids capable of increasing lean mass during calorie restricted periods therefore remaining effective even in calorie deficit induced catabolic environments. This drug is an Enanthate ester and should provide an 8 day active life. Strangely enough it does provide the above listed active-life range though the ester is an enanthate.



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