4 weeks prior to a stop date begin reducing all high androgen orals such as Oxymetholone, Dianabol, and Methyltestosterone. Reduce daily dosages evenly over a 14 day period; so two weeks before a stop date all high androgen orals are discontinued. This is effective for the more anabolic and milder orals such as Winstrol tabs, Oxandrolone, and Primobolan-S tabs. If you are using Sustanon-250, Testosterone, Parabolan or other high androgenic injectables, begin reducing dosages about 4 weeks out from your stop date. So as example, we are using Sustanon-250 at a 750 MG weekly level. Starting at week 4 and counting down, we would drop to 500 MG a week, 250 MG a week, 125 MG a week, 62.5 MG a week. Do the same with all other high androgens if you are using milder injectables do the same except where possible switch to Equipoise or Durabolin from Anadur. These have high anabolic qualities which are more easily maintained post-cycle. Some people are real psychological weenies! (The idea of tapering is unnecessary when more advanced protocols such as Max Androgen Phases are utilized to replace more traditional cycles)

First let's deal with the catabolism/cortisol problem. We need an anti-catabolic that will not inhibit natural HPTA function. Ephedrine is good, but Clenbuterol is better, and Growth Hormone is best. If you have access (legally of course) to Cytadren, take it (see Cytadren) for 20 days only beginning 10 days before your stop date. Since it stops cortisol production by stopping the biosynthesis of all hormones it would be a bad idea to take Cytadren only, during the period where you are trying to restart natural biosynthesis of testosterone by the HPTA. (DUH!). There are other chemicals that have anti-catabolic qualities that also do not negatively effect the HPTA. Methoxyisoflavone is an over the counter product that works pretty well at a daily dosage of 800-1200mg. An athlete would begin taking Clenbuterol on his or her stop date. (*See info contained in the Clenbuterol section) Clenbuterol blocks cortisol receptor activity fairly well and, if continued for a period of 6-8 weeks, will allow good retention of gains realized during a steroid cycle. A small amount of T-3 thyroid hormone is anabolic. So many athletes have added 3-4 MG daily of Triacana, or 25-50 MCG of Cytomel for the first 2-4 weeks after their stop date.

Now for elevated estrogen level suppression. Those who have not been using anti-estrogens during their AAS cycle should consider beginning to do so about 10 days before their stop date 20-40 MG of Nolvadex and 25-50 MG of Proviron daily usually is plenty for most athletes at this point. Most are able to end anti-estrogen use after 20-30 days and due to Proviron's qualities, a rapid increase in estrogen production is unlikely. Proviron will also help AAS cycle effectiveness as well. Of course Teslac is an excellent replacement for the Nolvadex/Proviron combination.

Re-establishing HPTA function as quickly as possible is paramount to maintaining acquired muscle mass. HCG and Clomid do a pretty good job for males. (Women do not have testicles! Remember?). Since HCG also increases estrogen from the aromatization of elevated endogenous Testosterone levels, anti-estrogens are helpful here also. 9 days before a stop date an athlete should administer 3000-5000 I.U. of HCG once every 3rd day (4 shots) followed by 3000-5000 I.U. of HCG every 5th day for 3 more injections. 50 MG of Clomid is taken twice daily beginning on the athlete's stop date for 5 days followed by 5-10 days of 50 MG daily. Remember Clomid's actions are effective for up to 20 days after discontinuance. So the HCG gets "the boys" back to work and normal size, then the Clomid stabilizes Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gonadal functions. Some athletes experience a growth rebound effect during this last phase if their steroid dosages were not too high and if they tapered off properly. Personally I have found 5 GMS of Creatine and 2-5 GMS of Glutamine with 200 MG of Alfa Lipoic Acid 2-3 times daily, and 4 GMS of D-Ribose, after work-outs beginning 2-4 days before my stop date very helpful in maintaining the higher ATP and Phosphocreatine levels enjoyed during cycles.

As to diet: a high protein intake of 1.5-2.5 GMs per pound of bodyweight should have been adhered during steroid cycles. It should also be followed post-cycle. But total calorie count after mass phase steroid cycles should be decreased slowly by 20-30 %. Those using a little T-3 after stop dates maybe able to maintain a some what higher calorie count but should keep an eye on fat deposits.

Training: ya, it sucks if you have been using high dosages of androgens and post cycle weights are down. But by cutting training volume by 10-15%, (total amount moved during a single work-out) you will avoid adding more catabolism due to over training. It is important not to just give up because the numbers are not what they were. Psychologically... dig deep. You will find you retained much more than you thought. Usually sets in the 6-8 rep range are best for maintaining mass.

If you did everything right both during and after cycles you should maintain 5090% of the steroid induced gains. So allow your body to normalize its functions before thinking about doing it all again and you will be way ahead of where you started.

Many pro's used the Insulin/GH/Thyroid Stack listed in "Cycles " during off phases and gained muscle mass. Some hard-core ideas are not necessarily intelligent choices. However, when utilized properly and intelligently, these cycles increased mass, receptor-site activity, and prepared the body for following AAS protocols. or simply aided in long term mass retention. Also see "Reported Advanced Cycles And Effects" for other techniques and protocols that have been employed.


Any athlete using AAS is foolish to not monitor blood and urine tests. There are possible long term negative side effects due to stress and/or damage to organs such as kidneys, liver and heart. These organs can be negatively affected due to toxicity especially from oral c17-alfa alkylated steroids such as Anadrol-50 and Methyltestosterone. If life is not important and only training and results matter (then you are the type that scares me) a regular blood testing protocol has been noted as a great aid in maximizing results.

Often blood tests are available through small clinics, college clinics, chiropractors, and nurse practitioners upon request and with privacy. Of course, I strongly believe a sports doctor is the only choice for dependable interpretation and advice, but much can be learned by athletes by simply learning a few basics. Personally I avoid most advice from ENT'S, GP'S, and dentists concerning athletic health. Simply put in my opinion, they do not have a clue when it applies to athletes. I do have to add to that in saying that I do know of some exceptions that turned out to be some of the brightest and most insightful of all. Of course many seem to feel "M.D." stands for "Major Deity" and bestow advice they themselves lack any extensive knowledge of, but hey, they are good in their fields! Why else would they charge so damn much? I fully apologize to any who have invested the years necessary to acquire applicable statistical knowledge based on facts. Gee, anyone wonder why I chose research over a medical practice? Back to blood screens.. .I asked for a copy. The results usually came back within a few days and cost $75.00-$150.00.

The most common type of blood tests that provided valuable information was a Chemistry Panel/CBC. Different labs may run different tests that are similar such as an SMA-22, SMA-25-HDL, SMA-24-HDL, or other. A CBC (complete blood count) was added to those that lack one.

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