Notes Of Interests

*According to researchers, calorie restricted periods that provide less than 2 grams of complete protein per pound of bodyweight daily during thyroid drug administration usually resulted in weight loss consisting of 75% fat and 25 % muscle in most cases.

*The 5-deiodinase enzyme activity necessary for liver conversion of T-4 into T-3 requires adequate levels of zinc and selenium. During calorie restricted periods lasting more than 2-3 weeks T-4 conversion to the more active T-3 decreases dramatically greatly reducing fat loss. Adequate zinc intake and absorption prevents the decline in 5-deiodinase that causes this negative by about 67% and adequate selenium levels prevents the decline by about 47%. Obviously both in sufficient amounts are best.

*Thyroid hormones were commonly cycled with Insulin, AAS, GH, IGF-1, PGF-2, Ephedrine, Clenbuterol, and other drugs by athletes.

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