Noted Positive Effects Of Trenbolone

*Amazing anabolic qualities.

*Rapid high quality lean tissue gains. (Dose dependent) *Maximum post-cycle lean mass retention. *Low-none water retention.

*Increased Erythropoies (Red blood cell production) *Does not aromatize to estrogens. *Superior strength and mass gain. (Lean) *Extreme hardening of musculature and vascularity. *Excellent protein sparing/anti-catabolic qualities. *Reduction in fat stores and favorable distribution. *Increased metabolic rate. *Low-moderate HPTA function inhibition. *Significant increase in muscle glycogen synthesis. *Increase creatine phosphate (CP) synthesis. *Improved muscle insulin receptor activity.

*Remains anabolic during calorie restricted periods. (High protein intake remains necessary) POSSIBLE NEGATIVE EFFECTS TRENBOLONE

*Liver and Kidney toxicity.

*Growth of prostate tissue. (PSA test is wise)

*Male pattern baldness. (Accelerated genetic predisposition)

*Mild hallucinations. (High dosage -prolonged use)

*High blood pressure.

* A potential quality of Trenbolone was its ability to alter cortisol receptors during and after use. The result was cortisol inhibition to some degree on a "semi-permanent" basis and subsequent favorable alteration in the anabolic /catabolic ratio.

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Blood Pressure Health

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