Noted Positive Effects Of Testosterone

*Excellent anabolic qualities and the resulting lean tissue augmentation due to increased protein synthesis.

*Rapid mass weight and strength gains. *Increased muscle glycogen synthesis. *Improved muscle insulin sensitivity. *Equally anabolic and androgenic in activity. *Increased fat mobilization and decrease fat synthesis.

*Promotes red blood cell count for improved oxygen/nutrient transport and vascularity.

*Increased bone density, formation, and mineral use.

*Increased creatine phosphate (CP) synthesis and storage.

*Good recovery and regenerative qualities.

*Moderate cortisol control and protein sparing qualities.

*Androgenically induced brain function/training intensity.

*Improved immune function/protection against auto immune.

*Increased metabolic rate.

*Increased HDL/decreased LDL and total cholesterol (in reasonable dosage administration situations).

*Significant increase in libido.

*Improved self-confidence and sense of well being.

The Confidence Factor

The Confidence Factor

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