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Male Mix: this is a sequenced amino acid product taken orally that I found quite interesting. In published clinical studies (in respectable medical publications) the product increased LH 629%, FSH 99%, and ACTH 106% (this is average) in trained athletes. I know the research well. Go re-read Clomid and HCG. The results are pretty much identical. In fact, the IOC had recommended banning the product for competitive use. I would not have used this product for more than 21-28 days. It could screw up the testosterone feed-back loop eventually. There were reports the product is as effective as Clomid/HCG. Personally I think Male Mix/Happy Sack was a good "off cycle" product after AAS or Prohormone use beginning the last week of the cycle.

D.E. 20: this was a maltodextrin that had a glycemic index (dextrose equivalent) rating of 20. Cheaper than food, easier to consume, excellent absorption, and goes well in protein shakes during any mass weight gain protocol.

The last time I spoke with them, they also had a good mixed protein with a great supply of glutamine in peptide form. SITE-INJECTION THEORY


The idea behind site injection was pretty much a matter of introducing a substance between fascia and fibers. The substance forced itself between fascia and fibers which in turn made the muscle larger. This was similar to implants only in that the substance occupies space. The enlarged area slowly gained vascular tissue which promoted muscle tissue to expand into the greater area. For permanent size growth, it was noted as necessary to maintain a site-injection maintaining period of 5-8 months once the original size increasing site-injection protocol was discontinued. The oil, and anything else suspended in it, slowly migrated into the vascular system like any other metabolic compound. Then it entered the blood eventually making its way to the hepatic vein and into the liver. Once entering the liver, the oil was simply metabolized as food. The area where the injection protocol was applied then had more tissue area and greater mass. The first time this idea was brought to my attention was while reading a very old breast enlargement procedure which was silicon injections. I theorized incorrectly that the body would respond by creating a collagen capsule around the foreign compound. But why would it? The body does not encapsulate oil based steroids! I later read about a product containing a special MCT oil that had been put through a series of pressure, temperature, and other sterilizing processes. The product was being used for direct muscle injection. The light bulb went on! Several x-rays and MRI s were performed on users who had put inches on calves, arms, and delts about 3 months after discontinuance. Guess what? No oil pocket, just new tissue. I have seen 2 inches and more added to calves, arms, and delts in as little as 60 days and retained if the maintenance protocol was followed then discontinued after 5-8 months.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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