Injection Sites How was it done ARMS

Biceps: When I hit a double bi pose, the peak of the bicep was obvious. Marking each peak, I then relax the arm at the side. Trust me, the marks were much higher when relaxed. The injection site was directly into the mark about half way between bone and skin surface. So if the bicep was 2 inches thick, relaxed, the needle was inserted an inch into the muscle itself.

Tricep peak: Basic procedure was the same as biceps. Hit double bi pose, mark the peak, and inject at the mark with arm relaxed. Again, half way into the muscle was the focused site. (Tricep peak obviously)

Top of Tricep Horse Shoe: With my arm relaxed at side position and hanging straight down, I reached high and to the back of the Tricep with my other hand. Flexing in this position, I felt for the meatiest point of the upper horseshoe and marked it on both arms, then checked to be sure they were equal points on both arms. Again, same injection procedure was followed.

Delts: For round full lateral delts using my opposite hand, I followed my collar bone to the end with my finger. About one inch beyond and still in line with the collar, I put a mark on each lateral head. I inserted the needle 1-1.5 inches from the top as if it had fallen from above. The site was slightly behind the mid- muscle and pushed the whole area outward.

Any muscle could have been utilized for targeted site injection protocols. These were simply the most obvious since small muscles responded best to this technique. I preferred 1-3 ML per site and a 2 day on/2 day off protocol. This allowed me to train around each site so as to not disturb it too quickly. I once had seen biceps that had been site injected a few hours before an arm workout. Looked pretty bruised to say the least (Like snake bites). If I was hitting multiple sites, say delts, bi's and tri's, I simply trained chest/shoulders/tri's together and site injected/localized tri's and delts that and the next day. Back /traps/bi's followed on the next day after a rest day. Bi's with rear delts were injected. Simple huh? How about crazy? I always drew back on the syringe plunger to check for blood. If blood filled the rig, it was in a vein.

*Do not try this, Accidental localization of a vein can kill!

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