Did use DNP and followed a few obvious rules for personal use

*I was always absolutely sure of the DNP quality and dosage I purchased. A mistake could have made me a cannibal's lunch.

*I never took DNP within 3 hours of bed time. If I made a mistake and I was awake, a cool bath tub of water could have saved my life.

*I drank atleast 1 gallon of pure water daily to aid in proper body cooling and to aid in removal of metabolic wastes.

*7mg per kg was the absolute maximum dosage of DNP and only for 5 days at this dosage. 7mg per kg was too high of a daily dosage and usually resulted in lean muscle mass loss, which sucked. 3-5mg/kg was wiser.

*I ate 2g of complete protein per pound at body weight daily, divided into 6-8 meals with at least 1g of carbs per pound of body weight daily.

*Never used DNP for more than 21 days consecutive. I lost about 11-18LBS of fat this way.

Note of interest: DNP also appeared to clean out androgenic receptor-sites and may have caused receptor-site up regulation!

Another factor of danger to consider is that after 48 hours of DNP use the liver experiences severe ATP depletion resulting in, among other things, almost all circulating T-4 thyroid hormone to be come unbound and excreted out of the body at a much higher rate. TSH, TRH, and thyroid gland secretion remain normal or above. But the body receives very little T-4 or T-3. This is why most DNP only users reported a decline in body temperature after two days of continuous use.

*It should be noted that DNP use causes an increase in free radical production. Those who used DNP supplemented their diet with additional anti-oxidants such as vitamins C & E, glutamine, and glutathione.

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