Humulinr Aas Cycle Example

HUMULIN-R day #1-7 was injected first thing upon waking then again 4-6 hours later, immediately after a work-out. 100g of high glycemic carbs was consumed each hour for 4-6 consecutive hours following injections. Each HUMULIN-R injection was 13 i.u. The two injections were not allowed to over lap (6-8 hours apart).

Testosterone suspension day #1-7 was injected twice daily, 50-mg per injection. This was done with HUMULIN -R injections. Since testosterone suspension is very fast acting (about 1 hour) and has a short half -life, the combination acted synergistically. Testosterone suspension is highly androgenic and anabolic. (An increase in IGF-1 was also realized during use) Testosterone propionate was utilized as a replacement by some. Testosterones helped to limit fat synthesis by blocking fat storage enzymes. This was an obvious plus when administering insulin without a GH layer.

Deca Durabolin administration began on day #1. Based upon prior sited characteristics, an injection site from Deca Durabolin only expels half of its dosage in 7-8 days. This means circulatory levels from the initial and following injections did not peak for about 14-16 days. Oxandrolone was added beginning day #7. The combination aided in post-cycle lean mass retention while solidifying gains made during testosterone /HUMULIN-R administration. The use of HCG/Clomid was commonly considered beneficial beginning day #30 (*See Clomid and HCG for more info) Clenbuterol was also an option.

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