Glycerol is similar in structure to alcohol and is found in fat stores in the body. In fact a triglyceride is a 3 fatty acid chain attached to a glycerol molecule and makes up about 95% of body fat stores. Get the idea that the body deals well with Glycerol? A much smaller amount of Glycerol is present in body fluids. This means it is present throughout the body's tissues. Supplemental Glycerol-loading increases fluid concentration in blood and muscle in a sort of hyperhydration that lasts for hours. The result is that the water will not be removed until the excess Glycerol is broken down.

If Glycerol-loading is applied to the salt/Aldosterone /water strategy for pre-contest preparation, the result is an increase in muscle fullness and vascularity due to increased fluid volume. Since Glycerol has no effect upon Aldosterone secretion, this can be a real plus because it therefore aids in pulling excess water from subcutaneous areas and into the blood. For some individuals, this works very well. The usual protocol calls for 10-20 ML of Glycerol 3 times daily on the last day of water/salt intake pre-contest. The alternative approach calls for 10 ML of Glycerine in 8 oz. of water with 50 grams dextrose and 5 grams of creatine 4 times in a 6 hour period ending 24 hours before show time.

Personally, I drink 15-30 ML of Glycerol first off in the morning with 16 oz. of water and again an hour before bed on training days during the summer. It creates a slightly leaner appearance and provides a noticeable training endurance increase in hot weather. It works for me and most of our clients. Great pumps, too!

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