Each ML Milliliter of Godzillabol provides

Testosterone Acetate-50 MG /48 hour active life. Testosterone Propionate-50 MG/72 hour active life. Testosterone Cypionate-150 MG/15-16 day active life.

Testosterone Laurate 50 MG/20-21 day active life. (Traces of laurate ester up to 28 days) Total MG/ML. = 300 MG (No Joke)

The timing sequence of the 4 different testosterone esters contained in Godzillabol made the idea of creating a specific blood plasma level quickly a bit difficult for most polled athletes. Since acetates tend to have about a 48 hour active-life, Propionates a 72 hour active-life, and Cypionates a 15-16 day active-life, the addition of 75 MG Testosterone Enanthate to the single 300 MG/ML mixture would have been a plus in my opinion. As the product is provided, utilization in a Max Androgen Phase required the administration of the total dosage intended within the first 8-10 days of the cycle. This of course applies to the intent of allowing the system to adequately clear within 30 days of total AAS activity to reduce HPTA suppression and other negative action/reaction factors. A reasonable constant blood plasma (circulating) androgen level was notably accomplished with twice weekly administration. Most polled reported the theory that once discontinued, the effects of Testosterone Laurate did taper off slowly during the proceeding 3 weeks. This may have been a plus or minus depending on protocol intent.

The structure of this drug allowed for near immediate results due to fast acting Testosterone Acetate and Propionate. Additionally, the slow tapering effect caused by long acting Testosterone Laurate decreased the negative psychological aspects (I'm-shrinking -I-tis) of discontinuance.

As a whole, Godzillabol is a more powerful drug than Sustanon-250, Primoteston, or Testanon-250 and less expensive. Most users realized significant weight and strength gains within the first 7-10 days, though many reported seeing and feeling results by day #2.

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