The use of diuretics in competitive bodybuilding is nothing new. Since Rich Gaspari showed striated glutes in the mid-1980's, diuretics have become a common phase in contest prep. Even after Mohammad Benaziza passed out and later died in 1992 due to complications from severe dehydration, athletes still utilize these drugs to rid their bodies of excess water. The idea is to suck as much water as possible from under the skin to create the "dry" look and further enhance the visual effects of very low body fat levels. Though effective, the practice of using diuretics is also very dangerous. Diuretic misuse can result in electrolyte imbalances and excessive dehydration triggering congestive heart failure. It only takes one mistake and results are final: DEATH! (No re-do's on this one)

We will discuss some common diuretic drugs used individually as this section progresses. However, a basic break-down of these drugs can be listed in three groups or classifications:

Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture

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