Dans Approach

This dosing protocol was outlined by the late Dan Duchaine for mass weight gains: Dan claimed 30g of high glycemic carbs per international unit (iu) of insulin was the necessary amount his athletes consumed over a 4 hour period when utilizing fast acting HUMULIN-R. So a 200 LB athlete would have basically ingested 100g of fast acting carbs (dextrose, Gatorade, glucose polymers/matlodextrins) every hour for 4 consecutive hours; and that one "1" i.u. per 15 LBS of bodyweight was the maximum dosage of Insulin. So 200 LBS /15=13.3 I.U., 13.3 of Insulin. And 13 i.u. x 30g =390 grams of carbohydrates total and about 100 grams each hour for 4 consecutive hours.

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