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I would like the reader to stop and ponder something for a few minutes. If, in theory, an athlete controlled proportionately all anabolic, androgenic, and catabolic hormones and enzymes with dominance upon protein based tissue growth, then supplied a correct ratio of amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats, the athlete would increase in protein based mass at a rate of body weight x 1.818 g daily. So a 250 pound bodybuilder in theory could add 454.5g daily in lean tissue. Though some or most would not agree, I

have witnessed this in reality many times. There are also countable athletes who have successfully altered genetic shape of musculature. This would not be surprising to plastic surgeons of course, but to most in the athletic world this is pure fantasy. I assure it is not. There are many chemical enhancement protocols and techniques, as well as training specific methods joined with them, I have as of yet not written about. That is for future projects. So why have you, the reader (with a few very rare exceptions) been told other wise? If this is true, you should ask, then why doesn't anyone know this information? Simply said, you are reading it now, and as proof I suggest you review the current crop of top pro's and take another look, closely, at older pictures of them from only a few years ago. There will be some surprising competitors coming in the next few years. Genetic average athletes will be the super heroes in the near future. Picture 375-400 pound in shape pro bodybuilders. I assure you it can and will be done, and with fewer negative side effects. That should piss-off several experts. Again, this is only the first layer of many that have been done in the crazy and anything but pure health oriented world of chemically enhanced athletes.

I realize that this is a side track issue, but relevant all the same. Cycle protocols were an approach intended to facilitate optimal growth of muscle tissue. Remember there are two main muscle fiber types: Type I, which is endurance orientated, and Type II which is strength orientated. Type "IIa", "IIb", and Type "IIc" are responsible for most musculature size and have the greatest potential for growth. Testosterone increases the number of Type II fibers at the expense of the Type I transformation. Growth hormone, Insulin, IGF-1, and thyroid hormones effect growth and hyperplasia of both fiber types. This should be another key relating to protocols that were utilized and why.

What was that?

Synthol has become popular site-injection product both for chemically assisted and natural bodybuilders as of late. This is actually an illegal practice in many countries so the products are sold as topical "posing oils". The products contain an inert MCT oil which has been put through a series of processes to create a sterile product. Sometime back I was introduced to another but far more effective topical posing oil from a gray market supplement company called Hazardous Materials located in California.

This product had been re-labelled by some of the scummier black market steroid dealers as 50MG/ML Testosterone Propionate, Drive, and Nandrolone Decanoate 50MG/ML. I HATE THIEVES, but what would anyone expect to experience when dealing with people already committing a crime! What I found interesting was that the products brought "similar" results to the actual AAS and reports indicated that Protest was far superior to Synthol. Some reported utilizing one of the Protest products mixed with AAS to create a Max-Mix for site-injection protocols, while others have reported using the products "as is " between AAS cycles for the same purpose. Of course there are those who utilized the product for its intended purpose, which is as a topical/oral prohormone supplement.

So is Protest sterile? The usual series of Agar plates with different nutritionate medium and warm autoclave, then a look under the microscope on days #1,3,6,9, and 12 revealed nothing. No growth of bad stuff. Three samples were analyzed for content. Protest contained 3 oils, a series of or single free prohormone and prosteroids, an interesting somewhat anti-catabolic product, and an estrogen receptor blocker. So yes, the vials tested were sterile.

As to effective, well blood tests revealed significant total testosterone increases of well over 400% and even better free testosterone levels. The creator obviously knew a thing or two. Be aware, I am not suggesting anyone inject or miss use this product for any illegal purpose. However, this does not mean that some have and with remarkable results such as over 2 inches increase in arm diameter, much wider delts, and an obvious improvement in overall body size and composition. Where such practices are legal this and other Hazardous Materials products may have been a natural bodybuilders dream come true and chemically assisted bodybuilders so-called best friend. I will briefly tell you about a few of their products. Personally, I have not received anything in return for this nor is this an endorsement. It was just rare to find effective products on the market that were legal in the United States.

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