The Upper Crossed Syndrome

• Occiput and C1-C2 in hyperextension

• Protracted chin

• Lower cervical spinal column (CSC) and upper thoracic spinal column (TSC) under tension

• Rotation and abduction of the shoulder blades

• The shoulder joint socket is oriented forward.

• Levator scapulae and descending part of the trapezius pull the shoulder up.

The following muscles are involved (Fig. 6.2a):

Hypertonic Muscles

• Pectoralis major and minor

• Descending part of the trapezius

• Levator scapulae

Hypotonic Muscles

• Ascending part of the trapezius

• Serratus anterior

• Rhomboid muscles

This results in tensions in the CSC as well as shoulder and arm pain.

Muscles ChainsUpper Cross Syndrome

Fig. 6.2a, b Upper and lower crossed syndrome according to Janda.

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