• Vertebrae T12-L5

• lliosacral joint (ISJ), symphysis

• Lower extremities

• Lower abdominal organs

Note: The quadratus lumborum and iliopsoas muscles constitute a connection between the TLJ and the pelvis. Both of these regions influence each other as well the upper TSC and the OAA region.

Torsion Control Exercise
Fig. 7.3a, b Torsion of the upper thoracic aperture.

Knowing the significance of the diaphragm for circulation, it is worthwhile treating it in case of tensions, to influence pressure conditions in the cavities and to improve venolymphatic circulation. For a long-last-ing effect, it is necessary to treat the structure(s) in the related areas that prevent(s) smooth functioning of the diaphragm. Often, manipulating a vertebra or treating an organ complex suffices.

In addition to examining torsion patterns, Zink developed his own diagnostic procedure to control the efficacy of the treatment. Having treated the affected region of the body, he exerted pressure with one hand on the abdomen of the standing patient. The patient now was supposed to tell the therapist spontaneously whether they felt a heat sensation spreading from the cervical region downward along the spinal column and where this heat sensation stopped. The place where the heat stopped marked the region that was treated next.

This test is based on the effect that an increase in intra-abdominal pressure causes a build-up of venous blood towards the azygos system and the venous plexi in the spinal column. This creates a slight heat flush in the area with increased circulation. The higher muscle tension and the blockage in the spinal column slow down circulation and thereby the heating of the tissue.

For us, the Zink patterns are an interesting diagnostic tool. They allow us to find the affected spinal column segment and give additional information on the dominant muscle chain.

Example: In a rightward rotation of the upper thoracic aperture, the left shoulder is positioned anterior and the right shoulder posterior. If the left shoulder is comparatively harder to press backward than the right one is to press forward, a left anterior chain dominates.

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