Myofascial Chains According to T Myers

The Superficial Back Line (Fig. 2.6)

• Fascia plantaris

• Triceps surae

• Ischiocrural muscles

• Sacrotuberal ligament

Myers Muscle Chains
Fig. 2.6 Myofascial chains according to Myers. Superficial back line.

• Erector spinae muscles

• Suboccipital muscles

• Galea aponeurotica

The Superficial Front Line (Fig. 2.7a)

• Anterior compartment muscles

• Infrapatellar and quadriceps tendons

• Rectus abdominis

• Sternalis and pectoralis major

The Lateral Line (Fig. 2.7b)

• Sole of the foot and peroneal muscle

• Tractus iliotibialis, TFL, and gluteus maximus

• Obliquii and quadratus lumborum muscles

• Intercostal muscle

• Splenius and SCM

• Splenius capitis

• Rhomboideus and serratus anterior on the other side

• Obliquii muscles

• TFL and tractus iliotibialis

• Tibialis anterior

• Peroneus longus

Biceps femoris

• Sacrotuberal ligament

• Erector spinae back to the starting point

This line encircles the thorax and induces torsion in the chest.

The Arm Lines

There are four arm lines (Fig. 2.8). one on each side of each arm, from the thorax or occiput up to the fingers:

• Superficial front arm line

• Superficial back arm line

The Functional Lines

The functional lines are diagonal extensions of the arm lines to the pelvis on the opposite side. They connect the two sides of the body with each other:

• Functional back line

• Functional front line

The Deep Front Line

• Dorsal compartment muscles

• Hip adductors

Muscle Body Spiral
Fig. 2.7a-e Myofascial chains according to Myers: a superficial front line, b lateral line, c-e spiral lines.
Myofascial LinesIschiocrural Muscles

Fig. 2.8a, b Myofascial chains according to Myers: a back arm lines, b frontal arm lines.

Anterior longitudinal ligament Diaphragms

Mediastinum with pericard Pleura

Scaleni muscles Hyoid muscles Muscles of mastication

In spite of the fact that these chains are very theoretical and not always easily comprehensible, they provide an explanation for the manifestation of symptoms.

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