Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians Chains

Tom Myers, certified Rolfer and docent at the Rolf Institute, describes a series of myofascial chains in the technical terminology of Rolfers in his book Anatomy Trains.l08 For presenting the chains, he employs metaphors like tracks, platforms, express trains, and so on. Thereby, the rather complex chains are brought into a tangible, plastic form.

The myofascial connections are presented in a simple and comprehensible manner. Holism and myofascial continuity dominate. Fascial trains continue throughout the entire body, with the train lines (or myofascial meridians) going in the same direction. Osseous attachments of muscles or fasciae comprise so-called relay stations (train stations) and thereby acquire special significance.

The myofascial meridians allow for an analysis based on whole-body posture and thereby allow the informed therapist to treat the shortened meridians specifically.

Myers describes seven myofascial meridians or chains, which we will present here only briefly.

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