Foreword by Kathy Smith vii

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xv


What You Need to Know about Your Own Fat Pattern and Metabolic Fitness

1 Learn the Health Risks Associated with Excess Body Fat 3

2 The Six Facts You Must Know about Metabolism 6

3 Classic Female and Male Fat Patterns 16

4 Evaluate Your Health and Fat Patterns 33

5 Learn How to Interpret Your Blood Work 49

6 Your Thyroid and Human Growth Hormone 55

7 Assess Your Stress, Burn Your Fat 68


The Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Nutritional Plan

8 Increase Your Metabolism and Burn Fat 79

9 Foods That Burn Fat 93

10 Delicious Fat-Burning Recipes 123

11 Six Supplements for Fat Loss 157


The Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Exercise Plan

12 Exercise Burns Fat and Benefits Health 165

13 The Fat-Burning Workout 176


The Four-Week Fat-Burning Plan

14 Map Your Progress: Your Daily Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness

Evaluation Guide 227

Resources to Help You Index

261 265

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fit exercise into your busy schedule? Thats as absurd as saying that there are eight days in a week! First, youve never exercised before or engaged regularly in a sport second, youve never been into the fitness crowd and have had meager time for such pursuits, and third, youre far too busy to even think of exercise.

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