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This program was authored by Bob Green who is an exercise psychologist and a certified personal trainer. He cooperated with Ophrah to ensure that everything in this program will work for you.If you have a lot of cookbooks in your home that don't help you in any way, then this is the product for you. If some of the cookbooks guides you to cook something fussy for your kids, cooking too indulgent or unhealthy foods for your family or even meals that are too complicated for a week night, or the meals that are not designed for weight loss and good healthy, then Weight Loss Meal Plan is for you. This product is made available for peope who wants to lose weight and at the same time dont want to regain more weight after the successful session. The product is available in PDF formats. It is an eBook that you can download and print upon purchase. This product doesn't target a slice of the population, it targets the larger population. If you are a Mom who wants to give the best diets to her family or even get the best recipes for preparing healthy meals, then the fit mum formula is for you. You can follow all the requirements and at the same time lose weight and prevent weight regain.

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I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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Deluxe Meal Plan

In this chapter, I have compiled a Deluxe Meal Plan for the highly enthusiastic off-season competitive bodybuilder incorporating many useful supplements. This regimen is very expensive, and you may wish to include some or all of the following supplements I have tried to distribute the supplements for optimum use. Figure 9 Example of a deluxe meal plan. This deluxe meal plan is again just an example, and please vary the food choices, as variety is so important. Including some junk food occasionally is fine. This regimen is only designed for the highly dedicated bodybuilder off-season. It requires forward planning and self-discipline. Use the information you have learned from this ebook and other research to adapt it to suit your lifestyle.

What other people are saying about this ebook

The best read ever on the subject of gaining lean muscle. I can now say that after several weeks of getting used to the meal planning and food calculations that I now know the calorific value and nutritional content of everything I eat. I can also now pick up any food, look at the label and instantly know what it all means. The end result has been 10lbs of rock solid muscle gained in just over 1 month simply by training less and eating more and better. In my now 2 years of training I have never felt more on target, and never looked better.

But Will I Still Enjoy Eating

Yes, that's a weight loss eating plan I've been describing, though it may be hard to believe. I think there's food for thought in such a food story. The Atkins Nutritional Approach allows you to adapt your meal planning to your own individual tastes as long as you eat acceptable foods (see Chapter 11). To help you along the path, the Food and Recipes section starting on page 367 is full of delicious meals to satisfy your controlled carb taste buds. Now, let me mention some of the other things this book will teach you

The Message of Smooth and Happy Weight Loss

The beauty of lipolysis is that it bypasses the agony of low-calorie dieting. People who've been burdened with excess pounds for a long time or who've tried weight loss programs often find it very nearly impossible to drop many pounds unless they're in lipolysis. I've treated people who, even on 700 or 800 balanced calories a day, couldn't lose weight. That's less than half the normal caloric intake of an average woman. And yet these pounds finally peeled off when these folks began to do Atkins, even though their meal plans comprised of foods totaling even more calories.

Some More Middle of the Night Suggestions

The above eating plan is a modified traditional weight gain meal plan. It is modified to avoid most digestive challenges except for the combination of starches and proteins. It is better than most meal plans on the market and a decent option. But if you choose to use this meal plan monitor your self for the following symptoms

What will I learn about Nutrition in this book

It would be a misnomer if I lead you to believe this book was all about nutrition. It's not. There's another book that tells you the 80 of what you need to know. The exact meal plans and when to eat, different methods of cardio and how proteins and carbohydrates interact with your body. It's called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and it's by Tom Venuto. You can either find out more from his site or read a really in-depth review. Moving on, there are still some basics about nutrition you should understand.

How to Consistently Keep Your Body in an Explosive Growth Spurt

It is important to adjust your meal planning every two weeks to ensure you adjust your caloric intake to accommodate your added muscle mass. The best way to burn extra calories is to have more muscle. A more muscular body will be able to enjoy more calories without getting fat. After two weeks following the training and meal plan weigh yourself and measure body fat

How to Fashion a Food Plan from the Acceptable Foods List

Now that you know what foods you can eat, a meal plan should leap out at you. You should instantly see that for breakfast a ham, cheese and mushroom omelette, or nitratefree bacon and scrambled eggs, or slices of smoked salmon wrapped around cream cheese would start off the day on the right note.

Five Key Reasons for Following This Nutritional Plan

The Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Nutritional Plan meets all of the criteria above, plus it is designed to support and work in tandem with the Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness Exercise Plan to help you lose the maximum amount of fat. The duration and intensity of each exercise module in chapter 13 has been carefully planned to work in synergy with the balanced energy (caloric) deficit of my meal plans. The timing of when you eat and when you exercise is also very important. Exercising before a meal increases metabolism, elevating your fat-burning capacity even hours after the exercise is over. This is known as the thermic effect of food. For example, a recent article in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows how resistive exercise enhances the body's ability to metabolize foods, especially carbohydrates. Cardiovascular exercise, when done at the proper intensity for the proper amount of time, has the same effect. See chapter 12 for a thorough...

What to Do In This Phase

Now that you have your meal plan all figured out, the second factor required to shock your body into an explosive growth spurt is the proper weight resistance training There are lots of training goodies in this plan to ensure you get huge and ripped like nothing you have ever tried before

Dont Sweat the Small Stuff

If you want better than average but not great then choose foods and a lifestyle which can bring that to you. If you want to be fantastic then you don't get to drink a liter of coffee per day with 200 extra calories of creamers unless you are willing to trade out 200 calories from somewhere else. You could probably do this but the end result you want is fat loss so if you can get fat loss by following the Leanness Lifestyle (protein at every meal, fruits and veggies daily, never stuffed, never starving etc. etc.) then you can pretty much do whatever you want as long as you are following the plan. Just don't expect changes in your body without sufficient changes in your diet and meal planning.

Manufacturers Get In On The

More interesting is the Healthy Living area of the site, which features a wide variety of advice about weight management and weight loss, calorie and exercise calculators, meal planners, tips, and expert advice (see Figure 4.17). It even includes a guide for diabetics. Of course, many of the recipes and meal plans feature Kraft foods, but that's okay. All of the information on the site is free. Kraft has built a very nice site with a lot of information about healthy living.

Timing Your Meals With Your Workouts

Exactly when you have your meals and snacks and shakes depends in part on what time of day you work out. I highly recommend you do your workouts in the morning, and the meal plan in Chapter 5 makes that assumption. Working out in the morning starts you off on the right foot. Research shows that people who exercise in the morning tend to eat better all day long. It sets a mental note that you've already worked hard, why ruin the hard work by eating a brownie An early morning exercise session also puts your body in fat-burning mode early in the day. I've also found that my early morning clients tend to cancel their sessions less frequently than those who train with me later in the day.

Yeast Food Intolerances and Thyroid Problem

I believe that food allergies (more properly called individual food intolerances) to substances other than yeast can be a major roadblock to weight loss. Without knowing it you may have added to your meal plan a food to which you are allergic. Wheat and wheat products are frequently culprits. Other common problem foods include milk, cheese, eggs and soy. Eating a food to which you're allergic may cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal or respiratory problems, joint pain and skin eruptions. From the point of view of someone trying to slim down, the most damaging aspect of eating a food to which you're allergic is its tendency tc cause cravings, which, if indulged, can lead to unstable blood sugar. Your real challenge will be to discover that you have a food intolerance in the first place and then to determine which food is the culprit. Please read Chapter 26 carefully.

Two different ways to eat at maintenance

The second approach is for that small minority who is willing to count calories, or at least keep track of their food intake on some level (whether it's portions or what have you). There's more math to determine your daily intake (which is why I suspect most people won't do it) but I think it gives more overall control. I should note that even readers who plan to use the calculation based method in chapter 14 should still read the next two chapters, as it covers a great deal of information related to food choices and overall meal planning. I'll make a few additional comments on the topic in chapter 14 as well.

Regimen to jumpStart Weight Loss

You don't know how to start. Even though you've read everything in this book so far-you still want a bit of help to get going. Truly, I wish you could call me up or come see me, and we could work together to change your life. But we know that is not practical. So, in this chapter I give you some very specific information, and some very specific meal plans. Follow them to the letter and you will be well on your way to feeling good, looking good and being healthier. And well on your way to fitting into those bathing suits.

Rule 4 Eat Several Small Meals 58 Per Day Spaced Out Every 23 hours Make sure that each meal has protein in it

Because of my high caloric needs, I eat 8 meals a day each composed of around 40 grams of protein. I like to have my starchy carbs on all my meals prior to 7pm (unless I train later than 7pm in which case I will have carbs after the workout). The fats that I add, such as Flax Oil and Olive Oil, I like to have on my low carb meals (meals that either only contain vegetables or just no carbs at all). So therefore here is how my meal plan looks like

The Ultimate Recipe Collection

In this chapter, you'll find recipes that make up the meal plans in Chapter 5. (Unless otherwise noted, each recipe is for one serving.) All the Ultimate New York Body Plan recipes follow my A, B, C, D, E, and F of nutrition. We worked hard not only to eliminate alcohol, bread, carbs, dairy products, extra sweets, and fruit, but also to design delicious meals. You will never feel deprived on this program. I've personally tested and tried each of these recipes as have most of my clients. I'm confident that you will love them.

Gaining Quality Weight

In this chapter, I'm going to provide a few example meal plans for the different scenarios for gaining weight. Here I'm referring to gaining quality weight, i.e. lean muscle mass with minimal body fat. I am frequently asked for examples of meal plans to suit people who are new to weight training and advice for the hard gainer type physique who wishes to pack on weight. I have also compiled a regimen for the competitive off-season bodybuilder who wants to bulk up with quality weight. Figure 1 in Chapter 3 provided an example of a meal plan looking at protein foods only, so I could give a clear example of quality protein distribution. In this chapter I'll incorporate that information and into a range of other meal plans and discuss each one in turn. Like in Figure 1, I have totalled up approximate protein levels, but this is really only from the HBV protein foods, and not from the carbohydrate foods, so protein intake will actually be higher than the amounts stated. I have not totalled...

Its All About The Timing

But as discussed earlier, it's our job to be honest and up front about what it's going to take to reach your brawny goals. If you're someone who thinks this meal plan is unrealistic for your unique scenario, we're not going to tell you to just tough it out. However, we are going to tell you that it can be done. We are going to tell you that this plan is possible for you even if you're the average guy who spends 8 to 10 hours a day running around at the office. If you're thinking that only people who have nothing to do but eat and exercise all day long can follow this . . . Wait a second, do you hear that That's right, our BS detectors just went off.

Putting It All Together

A relatively painless way to put together a diet based on numbers like this is through an online database. I like, and there are probably others like it. You'll find that simply tracking your daily calories for a few weeks, and forcing yourself to tweak your meal plans to bring them in line with your calorie goals, can set you up for months of low-maintenance weight control.

Nutritional Boy Scout

Or special meal plan (that you follow only 50 percent of the time) will swoop in to give you the gains you seek unless you follow it regularly. Consistency is the secret to uncommon results. And consistency knows that life is bound to get in the way, so it plans for obstacles and finds alternate routes around them. So let's discuss how to get consistent by looking at the sample meal plan presented in Chapter 13.

Percent Is Still an A

Once in a while, you'll find it very difficult to get all your meals prepared as suggested. Sometimes you'll accidentally run out of groceries. Other times, you'll miss your alarm clock and wake up late for work. Other times, you'll forget your cooler on the roof of the car, and it'll be but a distant memory by the time you get to work. On these days, do your best. Don't throw up your hands in the air and revert to old habits. Rather, try to eat as closely to the meal plan as possible. Besides, perfection isn't a requisite for success on this plan. Rather, we typically suggest following the plan with 90 percent accuracy. This means that you can probably get away with not following the plan 10 percent of the time. Translated into actual meals, since you'll be eating about 51 meals per week, the 90 percent rule dictates that at least 46 of them should be perfect, and you've got room for five cheat meals.

Closing Points

I've tried to cater for all nutritional needs of bodybuilders with my eating regimens and example meal plans. We've also looked into nutraceuticals and alternative nutrition issues, and much more. If you are looking to compete, pre-contest nutrition has been discussed extensively too. There is more out there in the growing science of bodybuilding and the MuscleTalk forum will keep abreast of these issues as they are brought to our attention.

WwwWarp SpeedFat Losscom

Warp Speed Fat Loss was designed to lose as much body fat as possible in 28 days. If you want to begin losing fat then the best thing you can do is have a step by step plan that shows you the exact workouts and meal plans that you need to use to get you there. Having something that eliminates the guesswork makes your job easier. All you have to do is follow the exact workouts and meal plans. The Warp Speed Fat Loss nutrition program gives you 28 days of delicious meal plans that have every meal completely planned out for you. Even better, there are numerous meal plans to specifically designed for your current weight. This is anything but a one size fits all nutrition program that gives vague guidelines.

Off Season Bulking up Bodybuilding

This next meal plan (Figure 6) is meant for the experienced competitive bodybuilder who has already built a great physique. Following a cutting cycle, e.g. for a competition, he she may wish to bulk up a bit and pack on quality weight. This will mean holding a little body fat, but still staying in reasonably good condition, and, I wouldn't recommend much more than bulking up to one to one and a half stones (14-21lbs 6-11kg) over competition weight. This meal plan is only suitable for an individual with a motivated lifestyle to bodybuilding, as it requires forward planning. I have noted only approximate portion sizes, as naturally, we are all different and some of us may gain muscle bulk easier than others you will have to establish what portion size you will require. Carbohydrate portion sizes will vary, and protein amounts will need to be adjusted accordingly (see Chapter 3). However, I do not believe in mega-calories, like the guys who eat 7-8,000 calories a day. You will need a...

Nutri Genie Optimal Nutrition

The folks at NutriGenie have been developing software for more than a decade. Their software is used primarily by colleges and universities, and there is a dizzying array of products available, which probably explains why they haven't made much of a splash on the PC side. Unique features of the software include on-the-fly meal plans, a glycemic index for all foods, and a weight-projection feature that estimates your weight one month and or one week in the future based on your eating habits.

Maximizing Fat Loss With Diet

The smart approach to maximizing fat loss is to set your projections for calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat and set your total meal plans up to inhibit fat storage. If you can prevent the body from storing any additional body fat, you can melt away body fat by increasing your metabolic rate. Even a small daily increase in the metabolic rate - the total calories you burn off or expend each day can have a dramatic effect on your progress.

When Insulin Is Out of Whack

We've discussed the issue of excessive insulin output-what the medical profession calls hyperinsulinism-and the inefficiency of insulin usage-what is called insulin resistance. There can be no question that overweight individuals whose weight control difficulties are caused by hyperinsulinism respond best to the Atkins controlled carbohydrate nutritional approach. Even the majority of people who do not lose weight on a 1,000-calorie low-fat diet will lose weight on an 1,800- to 2,000-calorie meal plan-if carbohydrates are limited to 20 grams per day.

Optimising Protein Intake for Gains

Another protein window is first thing in the morning. At this time you have fasted for hours at a time when your body is in growth mode, so it is crying out for protein to repair muscles from the previous few day's workouts. In the meal plan in Figure 1, I have put a protein drink immediately first thing in the morning followed by breakfast soon afterwards. I have also suggested a 40g protein drink straight after training. This optimises use of both protein windows.

An Overview of the Diet

Most diet books spend chapters selling you on a diet which generally only takes about a page or so (three pages if it's particularly complicated) to actually describe. That's followed with food lists and meal plans and it's not unfair to say that your average 300 page diet book will consist of 8 chapters selling you on it, a few pages describing the diet, and 150 pages of food lists and recipes. I prefer to take a different approach, I spend chapters boring you to death with underlying physiology before actually describing the diet which often takes about a page or so. That's what I've done in this book anyhow although please realize how much wasted verbiage I've spared you by avoiding unnecessary details. While I don't do meal plans, I will provide some food lists although, frankly, this is a damn simple diet. My friend Allie came up with some recipes for the folks on my forum and those are included at the end of the booklet.

Gender and Age Specific Sites

On the other hand, if a man's site has cooking tips, they're likely about grilling, the macho cooking trend of the moment. Plus, while women will follow meal plans and diet plans, men generally would much rather lose weight through fitness and exercise, with some discipline thrown in for good measure. Most men would rather make their own meal choices and cut calories in their own way. In general, they don't want to have someone else tell them what to eat via a meal plan. That's why the folks at eDiets introduced eFitness they wanted a site for men. While eDiets is not aimed at women, most of the members who follow meal plans at eDiets are women. Men tend to join eFitness.

Protein Quantity

One of the most frequently asked questions, I am asked is how much protein is needed for muscle growth Answer - difficult to say We tend to quote requirements in grams per kilogram (g kg) body weight. The amount lies somewhere between 2 - 4g kg body weight, which is broad, but there are so many confounding factors including intensity of training, efficiency of protein metabolism, genetic make up and general health. Also the use of anabolic steroids increases the rate of protein synthesis in the muscle. Assuming our subject is training correctly, i.e. very intensely, has an averagely efficient protein metabolism and is in good health, I estimate about 3g kg per day is about right. This is only an estimate, and based on experience, unfortunately not epidemiological evidence, due to the reasons discussed in Chapter 1. The example meal plan in Figure 1 will provide adequately for this. If a bodybuilder uses anabolic steroids, then this requirement may rise to 4g kg in order to optimise...

Calorie Kingcom

After taking your profile information, including your current weight and goal weight, CalorieKing designs meal plans for you to follow. If you opt to go with a meal plan, CalorieKing also develops a shopping list for you. If you decide to make your meal plan convenience-food-oriented, you might have a shopping list that includes a large number of frozen dinners. Alternatively, you can forego meal plans and simply input the calories you are eating. Figure 2.3 shows the CalorieKing Diet Diary.

What do I eat

I highly recommend you get one or more servings of dairy in your daily meal plan. There are at least two reasons for this. The first is that calcium is turning out to have important benefits in terms of fat loss and some studies suggest that dairy calcium works better than other forms high dairy calcium fat loss diets cause greater fat loss than either low-calcium or nondairy calcium diets.

Food issues

The limited food choices on a ketogenic diet can be considered either good or bad. On the one hand, some individuals seem to do better with diets that are very restrictive, as it simplifies meal planning. The limited food choices on a ketogenic diet make it easier for some individuals to adhere to the diet. By the same token, this limitation in food choices can make the diet monotonous. With some creativity, low-carbohydrate food can be made more interesting, especially with the increased availability of low-carbohydrate cookbooks.

None of the Above

Once medications, thyroid problems and Candida are brought under control, we can quite logically expect that almost ninety-nine percent of overweight people who do Atkins diligently will lose and keep off weight. But since there are 150 million overweight Americans, even the remaining one percent means that there are one and a half million metabolically resistant people who still need help. For that group, I suggest something more than the Induction phase's 20-grams-of-carbohydrate-a-day meal plan.

Day 4 Thursday AM

Thursday is also the oddest of all of the days of the cycle. We're going to wind down the caloric restriction carbohydrate depletion fat loss phase of the diet, and get ready to move into the recarb growth phase. Meaning that you have both low and high-carb meals today. This causes some confusion when it comes to caloric intake and meal planning. I'll offer an alternate option for people who really dislike the combinatory nature of this day in a later chapter.

Hard Gainer

Figures 2 and 3 are meal plans designed for the hard gainer or the individual new to weight training. These suit someone who is really lean, and struggles to gain muscle. Characteristics are an ectomorph-type physique, low body fat and muscle development. I have written them to suit a male bodybuilder, but they may be easily adapted for women, by merely reducing the portion sizes, as women have lower energy and protein requirements (DoH 1991). These plans suit anyone who wants to pack on quality muscle efficiently. Figure 2 gives an example of a regimen to gain weight whilst on a fairly tight budget, whereas Figure 3 gives an example of a regimen to gain weight if you have a little more money at your disposal. Both are very efficient, but Figure 3 is considerably more convenient.

Heart CenterOnline

This is an information-rich site for cardiologists and heart patients (see Figure A.10). It provides comprehensive information about heart disease, high cholesterol, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, and diet and nutrition. The Web site offers a healthy-living program to help people lose weight and lower their cholesterol through meal plans, diet and exercise, and stress relief.


If you lost 1-2 lbs last week, then keep the diet the same for this week and do not change a thing. If you are not losing at least one pound bodyweight per week it's time for another calorie adjustment in the neighborhood of a 100-200 reduction. These calories will come from the starchy carbohydrate department so we are looking to reduce between 25-50 grams of carbs per day. Stay on the lower end if you are on the 5 or 6 meal plan. Higher end for those following the 6 and 7 meal plan. Still keep the 500 calorie increase on Sunday from carbohydrates.

Diet Master 2000

The professional versions of this product sell for thousands of dollars. The personal version includes a 13,000-food database, a food and exercise diary, plus weight loss meal plan templates to help you get started. Additional meal plans, such as for low-carb, vegetarian, and bodybuilder programs, are available for 19.95 for each seven days worth of meal plans. Obviously, if you want a long-term plan, this could get expensive. Because this software is often used by companies offering weight-training programs, DietMaster includes protein requirements as well. A trial version is not available. You have to either download it or purchase a CD version.

DINE Healthy

The main purpose of this software is to help users decide the best diet program for them. It includes a food database with 6,200 foods, up to 99 meal plans, and an exercise manager. It also includes a series of self tests and tools that help you understand weight loss, including your personal illness risk, a scorecard that tells you how many of your daily meals are healthy (it can measure this for as long as a year), tests that measure your nutrition knowledge, and a calculator that tells you how many calories you've burned at a certain activity.

Pro Track 2005

This fitness-tracking program also has a meal-planning component. It includes a workout log, nutrition log, personal measurements and exercise maximums log, and the Daily Journal. The program includes workout templates and 82 predesigned strength-training plans (see Figure B.6).

Fat Inhibition

Individual was given a pill to prevent and block additional body fat storage, then achieving a really low levels of body fat would be rather easy. Increasing the metabolism by adding metabolic boosting muscle or expending energy with aerobic exercise would, over time, lower body fat stores. In most cases in the human body, body fat is in a state of continuos flux. Fat is being stored at some time of the day and liberated at others leaving your weight constant with no real significant increase or decrease in body fat or weight. With meal plans that include low sugar foods, plenty of fiber, adequate protein to offset rising insulin levels and multiple meals to control the concentration of blood glucose, fat storage becomes inhibited and, when calories are moderate creating a slight deficit, fat breakdown and burning will prevail.

Protein Only Days

The idea behind this technique is to 'shock' your metabolism into fasting mode. Your body needs regular carbohydrate intake to keep the metabolic rate working efficiently, so if these foods are omitted, the rate will slow down. Regular quality protein intake is imperative to maintain muscle mass. The meal plan below in Figure 7 gives an idea of this technique. It is also essential that you up the intensity of your workouts for this short period, and maybe also include some more intense cardiovascular exercise to help glycogen deplete.

Fit Day

Like other software products, FitDay provides a diet and exercise diary. It also helps you get on the right track by starting you off with your own goals (see Figure 2.18). What's your BMI How much weight do you want to lose and by when Using that information, FitDay helps you design a meal plan that will get you to your goals.


Pros Most comprehensive site available, with classes, information, many different meal plans, and professional support on a 24 7 basis. Like Weight Watchers, eDiets is a complete weight loss program, more than a food and exercise diary (see Figure 2.14). In fact, it really doesn't allow much in the way of entering your own foods into a database. Instead, it features a wide variety of meal plans based on 19 different diet choices, as well as fitness programs based on two different fitness solutions. Because 20 different options might be intimidating to some of us, eDiets recommends a program for you based on the results of their Diet Needs Analysis questionnaire. Once you select a diet, eDiets creates a meal plan for you based on your food preferences and needs. The meal plans come complete with recipes and shopping lists so you can take your shopping list to the grocery store and get all the foods you need for a week. Figure 2.15 shows a sample meal plan. FIGURE 2.15 sample...