Activates front-torso muscles in chest and shoulders while working torso-stabilizing muscles from upper to lower back.

Get into push-up position—your hands directly beneath your shoulders, your body straight from neck to ankles. Lower your chest to the floor, then pivot to your left side as you push back up, with your left arm straight up over your left shoulder and perpendicular to the floor. Your body should form the letter T (lowercase). Pivot back, lower your chest to the floor again, then pivot to the right as you push yourself back up. Do five or six T-push-ups to each side.

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Ever since the fitness craze in the 1980’s, we have become a nation increasingly aware of our health and physique. Millions of dollars are spent every year in the quest for a perfect body. Gyms are big business, personal trainers are making a tidy living helping people stay fit, and body building supplements are at an all-time level of performance.

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