Split good morning

COMBINES: deadlift, lunge

USED IN: Hypertrophy III

SETUP: Load an Olympic bar with a weight that's a bit lighter than the one you used for the Bulgarian split deadlifts, with which you're supersetting this exercise. (Supersets are explained in Chapter 18 on page 212.) If you have to do both exercises with one barbell, decide on the weight you'll use for both exercises before you begin, and make sure you can easily slide a couple of plates off the barbell so you can go directly to this exercise with no more than the designated rest between exercises. Get a step from the aerobics studio; you want it about four to six inches off the floor. Lift the bar past your head to your traps, and hold it as you would for a squat or good morning. Finally, place one foot (probably your left) flat on the step, and the other about eighteen to twenty-four inches behind it (measured from front heel to rear toe). Your front knee should be bent, your rear leg straight, and your torso upright, with your back naturally arched.

LOWERING: Bend forward at the hips until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor, or until your hamstrings threaten to file a restraining order. (In other words, don't lower yourself to the point of pain.)

LIFTING: Straighten your torso to the starting position. That's one rep. Do all the designated reps with this leg forward, then switch legs and repeat.

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