Pullup and chinup

USED IN: All programs (see "Pull-up or Pull-down?" on page 149) SETUP: Grab the chin-up bar with the appropriate grip:

• overhand and just outside shoulder-width for pull-ups

• underhand and at shoulder-width, or a bit inside that, for chin-ups (shown on this page)

• overhand and well outside shoulder-width for "wide-grip"

• well inside shoulder-width for "close-grip" (underhand for chin-ups, overhand for pull-ups)

• one hand over and one hand under the bar for "mixed grip."

Hang from the bar at arm's length, with your lower legs crossed behind you. LIFTING: Pull yourself up to the bar. Your chin should go over for chin-ups; for pull-ups, go as high as you can.

LOWERING: Lower your body along the same path.

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