New Rule 5 The goal of each workout is to set a record

By the end of every workout, you should have accomplished something you haven't done before. That doesn't mean a maximum lift—you won't worry about that for a long time. It's much broader than that.

It could mean a higher volume of exercise—more combined lifts than you did the last time you performed the same workout.

It could mean that you did the exact same volume as the last workout, but with heavier weights in some lifts.

But it will probably mean a combination of those two parameters—on some exercises, you used more weight for the same total of lifts, and on others you did more total lifts with the same weight you used last time. And on still other exercises, you were lucky to duplicate what you did last time, because you pushed yourself to beat your personal records on other exercises.

The big rule is this: Never do the exact same workout two times in a row. You always want an improvement in something.

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