Multicolored fruits and vegetables

WHY THEY MAKE THE LIST No protein, but their fiber and heavy vitamin and mineral concentrations make them ideal for a fella trying to keep his youthful physique. With different colors come different benefits.

Red fruits and vegetables (red peppers, tomatoes, watermelon) tend to be high in lycopene, which may help prevent prostate cancer and eye problems (macular degeneration).

Orange and yellow produce (carrots, pumpkin, squash) tend to be high in alpha-

and beta-carotene—I know, it's a surprise that "carrots" have "carotene"—which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants—a class of vitamins that also includes vitamins C and E—help prevent damage caused by free radicals, harmful chemicals created inside your body by everything from pollution to strenuous exercise.

Dark green vegetables (spinach, Romaine lettuce, broccoli) have so many disease-preventing properties it's hard to list them all. High spinach consumption, for example, is linked to lower risk of almost every type of cancer. Leafy greens have been shown to lower blood pressure.

BEST OF THE BEST Other than the ones I mentioned, consider pink grapefruit and any tomato products (red); oranges and sweet potatoes (orange); and kale, Swiss chard, and mustard greens (green).

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

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