Metabolic Overdrive

Alwyn has a simple and brutally effective way to use your anaerobic energy systems for fat loss. He calls it "afterburn," meaning it burns some calories when you do it, and lots of calories afterward, via EPOC.

Here's how it works. The example given is for a stationary bike, but you can (and Alwyn says you should) try it in a variety of settings—running on a track or treadmill, swimming, riding a bike, rowing. You could even do it with calisthenic exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, or squats.

Warm-up: five minutes, very easy pace

Rounds: three minutes each. Crank up the tension as high as you can handle for sixty seconds. (Start conservatively; it's better to go to a higher tension for subsequent rounds than to blow your wad on this first one.) Then back off by riding at a moderate pace for two minutes.

Cool-down: five minutes, very easy pace

Sample sixteen-week plan; you perform these workouts on their own, or following a weight workout:

Weeks 1-4: Do 3 rounds, 3 times per week. Counting the warm-up and cool-down, this is a 19-minute workout.

Weeks 5-8: Do 4 rounds, 4 times a week. These are 22-minute workouts. Weeks 9-12: Do 5 rounds, 4 times a week. These are 25-minute workouts. Weeks 12-16: Do 6 rounds, 5 times a week. These are 28-minute workouts.

Alwyn says his clients typically lose a pound or two of fat per week while using this program. Actual results may vary, of course, but if you follow the nutrition guidelines in Part 5, while doing a strength-training routine three or four times a week, you should see fast and continuous fat loss.

the two anaerobic ("without oxygen") systems, along with aerobic metabolism. Baseball players have little use for the glycolytic or aerobic systems; most of the action is flat-out and takes just a few seconds, so almost all of it involves the phosphagen system. (Except the groin-scratching; that's purely aerobic.)

I go into all this detail to make this point:

There's nothing special about your aerobic energy system that needs to be trained. Your body already knows how and when to use it.

If you're pursuing a sport that uses the aerobic system—running, swimming, cycling, hockey, soccer—then of course you need to focus on developing the type of aerobic fitness that will help you succeed.

If you're so completely out of shape that you avoid going out on dates for fear you'll pass out during sex, then you need to build up some level of conditioning. A good benchmark is being able to walk or ride a bike for twenty minutes without an EMT escort.

But if you're in decent shape, and have no ambitions in sports involving the aerobic energy system, there's absolutely no reason for you to go out and run or ride long distances. Do it if you enjoy it. But if you don't like it and can't think of any particular reason to do it, don't.

Put another way: The captain has turned off the "aerobics" light. You're now free to move about the weight room.


Workout Plans You Can Do Today

Workout Plans You Can Do Today

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