Introduction The Truth of the Matter

Let me tell you about something I invented. I call it "weight lifting." Maybe you've heard it called "strength training," or "resistance training," or even "bodybuilding." But when I made it up in my basement, I called it weight lifting.

Are your B.S. detectors buzzing? Good. If they aren't, put in fresh batteries and read that paragraph again.

I want you to read everything in this book with at least a little skepticism. That may seem like a strange thing to ask of someone who's just paid real money for my book. But it's important, for two reasons:

1. If you read with the idea that maybe I'm not being completely truthful, you'll read more carefully, and that's exactly what I want.

2. Once you've read this with something less than fawning admiration of every sentence my fingers type, you'll be able to read future articles and books with the same raised eyebrow. (Although you'll have to buy my next book, The Drooping-Face Cure, to get my exclusive eyebrow-raising exercises.)

And then my work will be finished, and I can spend some time with my kids before they grow their own B.S. detectors and turn them on me at the dinner table.

Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture

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