Take a deep breath. Get out of your chair. Walk around. Do a few lunges and twists to loosen up the joints in your hips and lower back. Feel better? Good.

That was a lot of information in Chapter 3, and I appreciate the fact you read it all the way through. In fact, you could stop reading now, jump straight to the workouts, and understand all the basic ideas that Alwyn used to create his programs.

But if that's all I told you, I'd feel I hadn't given you your money's worth. Sure, you could launch into the workouts without reading these next two chapters, and do fine ... for a while. But it would be like cutting off your antibiotics the first day your throat stopped being sore. You haven't killed the bacteria; you're just giving them a chance to regroup.

Here's what I mean: You do Alwyn's workouts for eight weeks, maybe ten, then one day you pick up a bodybuilding magazine and see a new workout. And you think, "Hey! Look at all those curls! That would be a hell of a lot more fun than what I'm doing now. Plus, this shiny 290-pound guy who's too short to ride the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags says it'll add an inch to my arms!"

In this chapter, I'm going to explain the permanent way out of the darkness. It's a concept of program structure called "periodization." Yes, it's a big word, and it doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. But the concept is easy to grasp, and it's crucial to understanding what it takes to build the body you want in the time you have. First, though, allow me to serve up a few more rules.

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