Coffee diet soda and other caffeinated drinks

WHY THEY MAKE THE LIST Given my noted Diet Coke addiction, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't include them somewhere. Caffeine does help you power up your workouts, with no apparent cost to your health or sanity. And, as I said in the section on water earlier in this chapter, it doesn't really leave you dehydrated.

BEST OF THE BEST Extensive research shows the health-promoting and metabolism-boosting power of green and black teas. If I drank them, instead of Diet Coke, they'd have made the A-List easily. But it's my party, so I'll lump them in with coffee and diet soda, even though any objective analysis would say they deserve better.

Avoid sodas with sugar—it's "diet" or nothing. If you dump a bunch of cream in your coffee .. . well, it's no different from drinking a bunch of cream in any other context. It's almost all saturated fat.

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

US Navy Seal Physical Fitness Training Manual

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