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11 "Death by Exercise": You can find a link to this story on my website, (click on "About Lou," and scroll through my bio—a rewarding experience for many reasons).

11 Accidental deaths from strength training: This comes from "Weight Training Injury Trends," a research paper by Chester Jones, Ph.D., of the University of Arkansas in the July 2000 issue of The Physician and Sportsmedicine: "Most of the fatalities were men [31 of 34 recorded in this study], involved head or neck trauma (27, or 80%), involved suffocation or strangulation (22, or 65%), and occurred during the use of free weights (33, or 97%). Two out of three lifters who died were unsupervised at the time of injury. The primary contributing factor in almost all (33, or 97%) of the deaths was unsafe behavior of the participant. For example, one lifter died from asphyxiation after the barbell fell from a homemade bench onto his neck." Ouch!

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