Cable seated row

USED IN: Fat-Loss I, II, and III; Hypertrophy I and II; Strength I, II, and III

SETUP: Attach the appropriate bar to the low cable of the rowing station. Grab it with the appropriate grip (if the workout chart doesn't specify, use an overhand grip that's just outside shoulder width). Set your feet against the supports, if your gym's apparatus has them. You want your knees bent slightly and your torso perpendicular to the floor, with your lower back in its natural arch and your eyes focused straight ahead. Start with your arms straight and shoulders down (not hunched).

LIFTING: Initiate the pull by squeezing your shoulder blades together in back. Pull the bar to your abdomen (unless the workout chart specifies "to chest"; see below).

LOWERING: Return the bar to the starting position, keeping it under control.


Again, the variations are clear from the charts:

• "Wide-grip" means you use the longest possible bar, which you'll usually have to commandeer from the lat-pulldown station.

To "chest" means you pull the designated bar up higher, which adds more challenge for your traps and rear shoulders.

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