I could never offer enough thanks to the many strength coaches, trainers, researchers, and all-around gurus who taught me everything I know about exercise (and helped me unlearn what I thought I knew). At the top of the list is Alwyn Cos-grove, who has more creative and counterintuitive training ideas than anyone I've ever met. I also have to single out Mike Mejia, my coauthor and colleague for many years, who introduced me to Alwyn; and Stuart McGill, Ph.D., whose studies, lectures, and books (including Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance) inform almost every chapter of The New Rules of Lifting.

Someday I'll build a shrine to my agent, David Black, and to my editor, Megan Newman, a fellow lifter who was the first to see the potential in this project and worked so hard to make it happen. Thanks also to Rebecca Behan at Avery, Mark Cohen and Mike Caruso at Men's Journal, Adam Campbell, John Williams, Jeremy Katz, Mitch Mandel, Susan Eugster, and Matt Neumaier.

My wife, Kimberly Heinrichs, had to repeat the phrase, "Be quiet—Dad's working!" more than any human should have to utter any four-word sequence. If not for her, this book would be scheduled for release sometime in 2010.

Last, I want to thank my older brother, G.O., who first got me hooked on lifting. He taught me that muscles are cool, and that hard work is life's great equalizer. I still think muscles are cool and, although it took me a while, I eventually came around to the idea that good, hard, honest work beats the hell out of the alternatives. A life without excuses is truly the good life.

Thank you to my coach, Derek Campbell—still, in my opinion, the greatest coach the world has ever seen—for being my mentor, my coach, and my friend. To all the athletes and clients who have trusted me with their bodies, thank you for believing in me. To my friends, colleagues, and teammates over the years, thank you for pushing me to new levels. Thanks to Lou Schuler, who first recognized my ideas on training and let me share them with the world via Men's Health magazine. To the team at Results Fitness, thank you for allowing me to test my theories on you. Thanks to my dad, who taught me that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Thank you to Rachel—my wife, my life partner, and my soul mate—for believing in me more than anyone else.

And thank you to my mum, who never got the chance to see the lessons she instilled in me take root and bear fruit. This book is for you.

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