Metabolic Superchargers That Work Dietary Supplements and Metabolic Enhancers

No book about maximizing your metabolism would be complete without a few words on dietary supplements, since their use— and accompanying controversy—seem to be everywhere.

More than four out of every ten adults in the U.S. take vitamin and mineral supplements, or herbal and non-herbal concoctions that are thought to stimulate metabolism, curb appetite, or yield one of a myriad of other desirable outcomes.

As a nation, we spend more than $3 billion annually on supplements, making this category of products the third largest in terms of over-the-counter sales.

Hundreds of these products go straight to the heart of the dieting and weight-loss business, promising faster weight loss, higher metabolism, and a variety of other benefits ranging from enhanced sexual performance to fewer wrinkles.


Lose 10 Pounds Naturally

Lose 10 Pounds Naturally

Studies show obesity may soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of death in America. Are you ready to drop those extra pounds you've been carrying around? Awesome. Let's start off with a couple positive don't. You don't need to jump on a diet craze and you don't need to start exercising for hours each day.

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