Webmd And Childhood Obesity

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WebMD articles are authoritative, with step-by-step instructions that are based on fact and sound medical reasoning. They are authoritative yet not condescending, informative but not preachy, and complete but not closed-minded. They read as if you have a doctor sitting in your living room.

For example, WebMD, in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic, includes several articles about childhood obesity. There is an article that discusses what childhood obesity is, another that talks about prevention, another with tips for healthy eating, and an excellent article about how to help your child lose weight if he or she is already overweight. In short, this is nearly everything a parent needs, in bite-sized pieces, and provides enough guidance along the way.

One of the most interesting aspects of WebMD's recommendations about childhood obesity is that, in general, WebMD recommends that to prevent childhood obesity, you treat your child much as you would an adult who is trying to lose weight. Don't make them clean their plate, make sure that their diet is healthy, ensure that the child gets enough exercise, and don't bring home unhealthy snacks.

If a child is already overweight, WebMD recommends the same things it would for adults as well. Set goals in conjunction with the child, have him or her keep a food diary, ensure that the child is getting enough exercise, and help him or her with portion control. WebMD also recommends that you only enter your child in a weight-control program if his or her doctor recommends it.

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