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Summary: Lots of great walking-related products.

In the late '80s and early '90s, when Spike Lee was making those marvelous TV commercials for Nike, his character insisted to Michael Jordan that it "had to be the shoes." The Walker's Warehouse helps you get the right shoes for your fitness program and offers lots of other walking and exercise equipment to go along with the shoes (see Figure 7.30). They offer shoes and fitness socks from all major manufacturers, fitness clothing, a wide range of fitness gadgets, exercise equipment, and exercise media.

As far as the "warehouse" part of their title is concerned, The Walker's Warehouse has competitive pricing for its regularly priced items and very aggressive pricing in its clearance center. A recent visit to The Walker's Warehouse clearance center featured shoes that listed for $89 or more selling for $29 or less. You can get a 5% discount on all orders by paying $20 for a one-year membership and joining The Walker's Warehouse VIP Shopping Club, which also gets you priority shipping and a free walking kit.

The Walker's Warehouse includes a variety of resources for walkers, including pedometer and shoe comparison charts, articles about walking, tips and techniques for exercising effectively, a walking log, a footwear guide, an event finder, and links to other exercise sites (see Figure 7.31).

FIGURE 7.30 The Walker's Warehouse
FIGURE 7.31 The Walker's Warehouse offers many resources for walkers.

The Walker's Warehouse also features the I Step Club, which is also offered by Prevention magazine. The Club, which costs $49.95 per year at the premium level, includes a variety of tips and logs to motivate you to walk more, plus a free pedometer from Prevention magazine.

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