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This product was authored and created by Ben Green. This guy is a nutritionist and a consultant in matters regarding nutrition and health. With time, he has evolved into a fitness coach, author and also a bio hacker. His work was inspired by the observance of his chronological age being younger than the biological age. The man realized that at the age of 30-yeasr, his body functioned like that of a 20-year old boy. This product has the powerful protocols that am sure will change your life for good. The author realized that even the most influential well-being article only focuses on the physical fitness and nothing else. This eBook is designed to provide you a complete well-being evolution which covers beauty, fitness, health and longevity. It is an 8 week protocol with all the details that teaches you about the important parameters that adds to your longevity. The program has all the details to help you find out your current fitness level and later discover powerful practices that will break out your metabolism. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

The quest for longevity

Be acknowledged that longevity, as with fitness, is not necessarily linked to health. It can be, but the important thing to remember is that health is ultimately linked to DNA the self-replicating molecule that creates our bodies. The purpose of the body from the DNA's standpoint is merely to function as a vehicle to carry it forward into the future. In our species' hunter-gatherer days, health was important to the degree that it allowed us to survive, as what brought us down most of the time were environmental factors such as disease, predators, childbirth, and trauma. Those are events that occur irrespective of one's level of fitness. Only through the application of human intellect and technology did longevity ever become an issue, or ever have an opportunity to track along with health. As we began to live longer, new problems developed, because we now found ourselves in circumstances that did not track with our evolutionary biology. One set of problems arose as a result of higher...

Longevity Program

Health, adventure, sea, energy and success can be yours -staffing today Listless At work Out ol steam in the sack No Go in the gym Gel me Longevity Program today and find out all the information you need to get your vitality charged, yo r body, mind and tile on t rack and into gear

Healthy Eating And Bodybuilding

The appearance of a bodybuilder is generally the fine figure of health, so it should be that a bodybuilders is the fine figure of health. For this reason, it is imperative that the bodybuilder adapts the healthy eating guidelines to suit his her nutrition. Some principles of healthy eating are not entirely in line with the ideal bodybuilding diet in order to achieve optimum results for example the average individual would not consume anywhere where near as much protein as a bodybuilder would. Some bodybuilders argue that a 'normal' diet is just not suitable for optimum muscle growth. I feel, eating a good diet is crucial in order to stay healthy, and staying healthy is, in turn crucial, for maximum training intensity and performance, as well as general well being and longevity.

Be cautious with studies

By actually looking at the data contained in these bona fide studies, we are better able to ascertain if the studies' conclusions are supported by their respective data and what their conclusions mean to the average person desiring valid information on health, fitness, and longevity-

You Brush Your Teeth Dont

Weight training may not make you live longer, but it will help ensure that you live better. Your muscles, connective tissue, and bones will get stronger you'll have more energy, coordination, agility, and savoir faire. (Okay, the last one is debatable, but it sounds good and French lifters claim this as an added benefit.)

New Rule 3 To build size you must build strength

All the good things you want from strength training come from building bigger, stronger, more powerful muscles. Those muscles will help you control your weight (via metabolic processes that I'll explain in Chapter 7). They'll provide protection against injuries. They'll roll back the aging process, giving you a body that performs as well as one twenty years younger. (Alas, they won't prevent shoulder hair, but they could help you hook up with someone who'll shave it off for you.)

Daily Detoxification Elimination of Toxins Burning Fat Anti Aging

The accumulation of material in your body, especially undigested foods and toxins, makes you sick. To begin with, avoiding toxins is very important, but it's at least as important to give your body the chance to detoxify itself. This is key for your health. When you follow traditional diets, eating three to six meals a day, your body doesn't have enough time to get rid of all the material. Detoxification, in my opinion, is the most important thing you can do to live longer and have a healthier, attractive body. Anti-Aging (Through Enzyme Loading)

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Although I'm not a big fan of Phosphatidylserine as a muscle building supplement, it wouldn't hurt to take some at the end of a cycle to help protect against a backlash of cortisol. Procaine, a life extension drug that is reported to have anti-catabolic and cortisol suppressing properties may also be helpful at this stage. It goes under the brand name of KH3 and is distributed by the International AntiAging Systems. Fax (011) 44 541 514145.

What does the research say

Acetyl-l-carnitine in particular has potential uses as an anti-aging supplement. A number of animal experiments have shown improvements in mitochondrial function reduced by aging. It also appears to have neuroprotective and cognitive effects. Both acetyl-l-carnitine and propionyl-l-carnitine have been used as experimental therapies for erectile dysfunction and fatigue associated with male aging.

The physical risks of alcohol abuse

This is better According to a recent report from the Alberta (Canada) Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, the J-curve may also describe the relationship between alcohol and stroke, alcohol and diabetes, alcohol and bone loss, and alcohol and longevity. The simple fact is that moderate drinkers appear to live longer, healthier lives than either teetotalers or alcohol abusers. Cheers

Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy FCMD

The classical picture is the combination of generalized muscle weakness, severe brain involvement with mental retardation, frequent occurrence of seizures, and abnormal eye function. There is variability in clinical manifestations. First symptoms may occur in utero, with poor fetal movements, or at birth where asphyxia is not uncommon. At the other end of the spectrum are children who walk and live longer.

Walker Warburg syndrome

Walker-Warburg syndrome (WWS) is the most severe a-dystroglycanopathy and associated with a life expectancy of less than 3 years (average 0.8 years Van Reeuwijk et al., 2004). It is an autosomal recessive disorder described for the first time in 1942 by Walker, and later by Warburg in 1978.

Chloridechannel myotonias 331 Thomsen and Becker myotonias

Muscle shortening due to continuous contractions may limit dorsiflexion of the wrist or foot. Severely affected patients with Becker myotonia tend to toe-walk and develop a compensatory lordosis. The leg and glute-al muscles are often markedly hypertrophic. In some patients, especially older ones, the neck, shoulder and arm muscles appear poorly developed resulting in a characteristic disproportionate figure. Also very disabling is a peculiar transient weakness affecting especially the hand and arm muscles (Deymeer et al., 1998). This lasts only a few seconds following initial contraction and may be interpreted as clumsiness by the affected individual. Patients with severe Becker myotonia are limited in their choice of occupation and are unsuited for military service. A few patients with Becker myotonia show permanent weakness in some muscle groups, distal muscle atrophy, and unusually high serum creatine kinase (CK) levels, making the differentiation from myotonic dystrophies...

Being physically active

When you exercise regularly, you end up with more muscle tissue than the average bear. Because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue, athletes (even weekend warrior types) may end up weighing more than they did before they started exercising to lose weight. But a higher muscle-to-fat ratio is healthier and more important in the long run than actual weight in pounds. Exercise that changes your body's ratio of muscle to fat gives you a leg up in the longevity race.

Proper breathing can help you in other ways as well

As mentioned in other parts of this book, the body has a way of slowing down when you get older. By following this program, however, you'll help to stem this inexorable slide. According to some experts, if you don't practice deep breathing at least twice a day, your lung capacity at age seventy will be a third of what it was when you were twenty.

Fitness Is More Than Just Working

Fitness for its own sake will help you to live longer and healthier, and that alone is worthwhile. But that's just part of the picture. Fitness is the means to an enhanced quality of life as long as you live. It will allow you to enjoy the physical aspects of life too. You may find a vacation to a health and fitness spa to be an effective way to jumpstart a fitness program, which you can then continue at home. You can join a gym or health club, for these facilities are designed, equipped, and staffed to provide a variety of exercise opportunities, notably strength training and aerobic conditioning. You can also work out at home, while you are traveling, and even in some enlightened business settings.

Chest Training and Machines

Finally, because of the mechanics of the human shoulder joint, the body will alter the natural bar pathway during a free-weight Bench Press to accommodate efficient movement at the shoulder. The fixed-bar pathway of a Smith machine does not allow alteration for efficient movement of the joint, thereby predisposing the shoulder to harmful overload via lack of accommodation. In other words, the Smith machine is a training piece for dorks. If you are interested in training longevity, you are far better off sticking to the standard barbell and dumbbell exercises.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

And if all of this isn't evidence enough, I'll let Doctor Kenneth Cooper have the last word. He wrote the book The New Aerobics and is credited with coining the very term aerobics. Twenty five years after the debut of his book, Dr. Cooper admitted that many of his conclusions were incorrect. He was quoted as saying Further research has shown that there is no correlation between aerobic performance and health, protection against heart disease, and longevity.

If all else fails then steroids growth hormone weight loss drugs or surgery will help me lose this stubborn fat for

Steroids have been around for a long time. So have obesity drugs. Lately, there's been a huge push - especially on the Internet - for the use of Human Growth Hormone or Testosterone under the harmless sounding auspices of anti-aging medicine and Hormone replacement therapy. This sales pitch is being made mostly to the baby boomers, who desperately want to regain their youthful looks and vitality.

Nutritional supplements

20.123 Vitamin and mineral supplements, unless you are seriously deficient in something, cannot make an immediate impact on your training, other than perhaps the placebo effect in some cases. But what they may do, over the long term, is benefit your health which in turn increases training longevity. A good potency and well-balanced vitamin and mineral formula all the time is sensible for everyone. I strongly recommend beta-carotene and additional vitamins C and E, selenium, bioflavonoids and other anti oxidants because I believe they may be helpful for long-term health.

Chapter Fifteen 3 Women on the Warrior Diet

Women have some specific desires and needs, such as looking healthy and attractive, losing weight, and slowing the aging process, and they are all addressed extensively in this book. The Wkrrior Diet unleashes the power of your own instincts. If you practice it, I believe you'll naturally shed obsessive restrictions and rules while still addressing your basic needs, such as losing weight, eliminating stubborn fat, maintaining healthy skin, nails, and hair, siowing the aging process, and maybe most importantly, feeling a true sense of freedom and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifting weights will make your muscles stronger and if you keep progressing bigger. The thing is, this can never, ever happen suddenly and unexpectedly. The nice thing about PFT and SCT is that they allow you to measure and monitor the progression of your training. When you get to the level of strength and muscle tone you want, you can easily switch to a maintenance program so that you maintain the physique and physical abilities you desire despite the ravages of the aging process.

The Older Bodybuilder

As we age the metabolic rate slows down and we are more likely to gain weight, especially around the mid-section. This means that we have to watch what we eat more, and try to stay active. A normal bodybuilding diet can be eaten all through your training career, but you may have to be a little more careful with carbohydrate intake, keeping intakes of starchy carbohydrates smaller but still regular. All supplements can still be taken (DHEA has been linked to slowing the ageing process - though I'm far from convinced by this ). It is still important to eat a balanced varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Your Body Your Business The Hidden Connection Between Your Waist Line and Your Bottom Line

I want to go into more questions on what you just said there. One thing I do want to ask you is what would be one of the ramifications of not exercising, ever, just people who literally do not exercise What can they look forward to, or what type of damage - if you want to use the word damage - is that going to do to their longevity to their lives

Calling All Revolutionaries

According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity has increased threefold in the last twenty years. Need I remind you that these are the same years in which carbohydrates have become a larger and larger component of the American diet and the period in which junk food has dominated the food industry The point is that this is really more than just a matter of personal weight control and health objectives. It is a matter of concern for the health and longevity of our children and future generations.

What Affects Testosterone Production Sex Drive and Libido

Considering all the above, a healthy diet that supplies all essential nutrients, and therefore energy, as well as stress management methods, such as relaxation techniques, regular exercise, and a proper nutritional program that helps slow the aging process, are all natural methods that work as a first defense against low testosterone. I truly believe that the best way to keep your vigor high is to follow a cycle of daily detoxification, and then consume nutritional meals that make you feel satisfied, compensated, and reiaxed every night.

Paramyotonia congenita

Paramyotonia Congenita Pregnancy

Family anomaly as much as possible, even from close relatives, because they have often experienced embarrassing situations and been ridiculed. On the other hand, paramyotonia patients readily share their experiences with each other. Older patients report that their para-myotonia improved with age. In many of these cases, however, it was not clear whether the paramyotonia had really improved or whether the patients had learned to adapt to it by avoiding exposure to cold and by taking advantage of improving standards of living. Life expectancy is not decreased by paramyotonia.

Dilator Naris Exercise

Facial Expression With Muscles

Now that you've studied your before photographs and have had a chance to reflect on the pluses and minuses of your facial features, it's time to get busy. Remember that you can't help getting older but you don't have to look old.The wriler Anthony Powell once said that growing old was like being increasingly penalized for a cnme you didn't commit.That's a cute sentiment but I have a remedy for that. You have the power to do something about the aging process and I'm going to unleash that power in you through Facercise. On the following checklist, mark off the features you want to improve. Don't be shy or coy. Go

Emery Dreifuss muscular dystrophy 2241 Xlinked recessive form

Since life expectancy is mainly determined by the cardiac complications, early detection of cardiac conduction defects and careful monitoring is of utmost importance. The insertion of apacemaker may be lifesaving. However, in autosomal dominant (AD-EDMD caused by mutations of the LMNA gene, sudden death despite pacemaker implantation, presumably from ventricular arrhythmias has been described (van Berlo et al., 2005). Likewise, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator may well be required for prevention of sudden death in some patients with the STA gene mutation. Heart transplantation has been used successfully in end-stage cardiomyopathy in EDMD (Kichuk Chrisant et al., 2004).

Bill Barad Bodybuilder

Modern society is ruled by a slap-happy way of thinking - it blissfully accepts poison sprays, chemicals in food and yes, hormone drugs, without question. They smugly quote After all, we're healthier than ever . And I say, the Hell we are Juggling statistics makes it appear we live longer, but we can not ignore the alarming increase in all degenerative diseases, like cancer. In my mind, this brings us back to tissue drugs. In A MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH by Bailey, this appears, all cancers share a basic similarity uncontrolled, spreading growth . If you recall the way in which the anabolic hormones probably react on metabolism, does that sound comforting And then this, the law says that cells should grow, but only enough to benefit the whole organisms . Some will accuse me of using scare tactics . I am, and with good reason - if you're toying with the tissue drugs, you SHOULD be scared

Muscle as the Target for Vaccine

10 min of injection of DNA plasmid did not affect the magnitude or longevity of the antibody response to the encoded antigen (Torres et al. 1997). Therefore, the muscle is not likely to be the essential immune activating component after intramuscular immunizations. Furthermore, there is little or no local inflammatory infiltrate at the DNA injection site, especially after the acute effects of the vaccination have disappeared (Levitsky 1997).

Antiaging supplements

I believe that everyone needs to understand the theory proposed in 1954 by Dr. Denham Harmon, which is almost universally accepted by the medical community today. Dr Harmon's theory goes directly to the heart of the aging process that occurs in every human being. He stated that the body contains free radicals. These unfriendly little atoms or groups of atoms are created, in part, by the way our cells utilize oxygen to produce energy. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules created during the body's basic metabolic functions, such as digestion and breathing. All these little guys have one thing in common They contain at least one unpaired electron. This creates a problem. If an electron is unpaired, another molecule or atom can hook up with it This bonding creates a chemical reaction which may not always be positive. Picture someone hooking up with someone else after a few drinks at a cocktail party. Maybe it's a right match. Maybe not. So, what does all this scientific information...

Chromium Boon for Diabetics

One of the hottest supplements today is chromium picolinate. Diabetics swear it helps them control their blood sugar better. Body builders swear it helps them build muscle faster. Some people claim it helps lower high cholesterol, while others claim it boosts your production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA.

Oral Aas Are Not All

It is often that in the building of perfect beasts that the issues of health and longevity become a primary concern. Oddly enough many, not of my design, opt to introduce health concerning factors at a phenomenal rate as a result of misinformation or critics. Misinformation in itself appears to be a commodity at times. Perhaps this is why I am criticized by some for my distinct lack of long term oral anabolic androgenic steroids utilized in cycle outline discussions. For the critics I say Like I care what you think. Cowdb

The Anabolic Cycle Timing is Everything

Bodybuilders and athletes should consider meat and eggs to be the most anabolic foods. Arachidonic acid, which is abundant in meat and eggs, helps to induce initial anabolic stimulation. Meat is also rich in mitochondria, which contain all the essential nutrients for muscle tissue. Vegetarians or vegans may live longer with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but they may also compromise their ability to naturally increase muscle mass. It is a known fact among nutrition experts that vegetarianism may adversely compromise sexual desire and potency.

Understanding Your Metabolism

Longevity studies have shown the importance of not only eating the right number of calories to support your metabolism but eating low-glycemic nutrient-dense calories to prolong the length, health, and quality of your life. For some this might indeed mean having to cut back on calories. But for most this won't be the case.

Getting Yourself to Exercise Regularly Failure to Exercise Is Not an Option

This book seeks to demonstrate that exercise bestows a myriad of benefits upon the exerciser, beginning with a more controllable and user-friendly metabolic rate and extending to a full range of outcomes that have personal excellence as their aim. Men and women who engage in regular exercise tend to enjoy better health and longevity, extraordinary freedom from disease and debility, and enhanced psychological well-being, all of which help form the cornerstone of their other achievements in life.

Nutritional Supplements Dont Even Think of Getting Along Without Them

Vitanutrients can benefit even people at the peak of health who eat an excellent diet. (Unfortunately, no matter how well we eat, our depleted soil no longer provides all the nutrients fresh produce used to yield.) I would go so far as to say that vitanutrients could extend one's lifespan. I'll cite just one example to prove my point The antioxidant group of nutrients has consistently proven to protect the body from damage by free radicals-those destructive electrons that have been implicated in cancer and heart disease as well as in accelerating the natural aging process. Even a person who eats the best possible food is not living in a perfect environment. Moreover, air pollution, tobacco smoke and other environmental toxins assault our bodies daily. Consequently, a person can maintain good health longer by taking effective doses of such antioxidants as vitamins A, C and E, plus selenium, glutathione, CoQ10 and bioflavonoids.

A Healthy Back and Body

Before a mirror, stand up, feet ten inches apart, stretch up spine. Tighten buttocks and suck in stomach muscles, lift up rib cage, put chest out, shoulders back, and chin up slightly. Line body up straight (nose plumbline straight to belly button), drop hands to sides and swing arms to normalize your posture. Do this posture exercise daily and miraculous changes will happen You are retraining and strengthening your muscles to stand straight for health and youthfulness. Remember when you slump, you also cramp your precious machinery. This posture exercise will retrain your frame to sit, stand and walk tall for supreme health, fitness and longevity

History of Fat Loss

Today experts tell us lean people live longer and are more productive in their daily lives. For this reason, millions have embarked upon some sort of weight loss program. Although millions diet and exercise to live longer or to feel better and have more energy, my guess is the majority do so to look better. We aspire to the lean image portrayed by those we see on television, in print ads, and in movies.

Just Weight a Minute

Glenn Gaesser and Steven Blair from the highly regarded Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas studied 20 years of statistics about the relationship between body weight and fitness. Their conclusion was that being active rather than sedentary is the critical factor in health and longevity. This means that naturally thin nonexercisers can be less healthy than overweight people who are physically active. Other studies have backed up these findings. In other words, for most people in the real world, obesity and fitness are mutually exclusive.

What is creatine

Creatine is directly related to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is formed in the powerhouses of the cell, the mitochondria. ATP is often referred to as the universal energy molecule used by every cell in our bodies. An increase in oxidative stress coupled with a cell's inability to produce essential energy molecules such as ATP, is a hallmark of the aging cell and is found in many disease states. Key factors in maintaining health are the ability to (a) prevent mitochondrial damage to DNA caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) and (b) prevent the decline in ATP synthesis, which reduces whole body ATP levels. It would appear that maintaining antioxidant status (in particular intracellular glutathione) and ATP levels are essential in fighting the aging process. It is interesting to note that many of the most promising anti-aging nutrients such as CoQ10, NAD, acetyl-l-carnitine and lipoic acid are all taken to maintain the ability of the mitochondria to produce high energy compounds...

And anabolism

Looking back at our species' hunter-gatherer days, we know that there were long periods when starvation was a real threat. During those times, a catabolic state would have predominated. Despite the obvious negative effects, research into calorie restriction and life extension has revealed that during such catabolic states the vast majority of DNA repair occurs. The lesson here is that a catabolic state is a necessary component of health, rather than something to be avoided. Knowing this, we must factor the catabolic and anabolic processes into any definition of health that we create. Health implies a disease-free state, and so the definition must acknowledge


Principles underlie our thoughts and actions. Uncovering and understanding them is important, because they can explain and reveal your actions. Principles of cross-training might include the following phrases You create your own life expectancy, or, Everyone is your teacher.

Looking to the past

In the not-so-distant future, we may be in a position where the issue of functional ability will apply not merely to people who live into their seventies and eighties but to people living to be 120 or even 150 years If so, then we are going to want to enjoy fitness and health for an even longer period than we do currently. This will not happen, and quality of life will suffer, unless we learn to incorporate a form of exercise that produces desirable adaptations without the wear-and-tear consequences that are observable from the more prevalent approaches. Ultimately, we need to make a concerted effort to learn how to distinguish between fitness and health and must shift our focus from how much exercise we can endure to how little we precisely require to cultivate the positive fitness properties from exercise, thereby enhancing our species' chances for improved health and longevity.

The American Diet

Much has also been made of increases in life span during the century. Life expectancy in the early 1900s was only 50 years, but it's increased more than 20 years since then. Many have chalked this up to improvements in diet and lifestyle, but it's frequently forgotten that the incidence of death among citizens under the age of16 has dropped dramatically during the century. A national program of vaccinations for disease, medical advances in pediatric and perinatal care have greatly decreased the death of children at birth and through adolescence. When you take these figures into account and factor them in with advances in adult medicine, the average lifespan increase is not so remarkable.

Specialization Legs

What awaits you in this chapter is a particularly effective leg-training routine. If you aren't afraid to really pile on the weight or to push yourself (after all, you have to endure it for only one month), you will reap some quick and impressive results. Your legs truly are your second heart, and if you train them hard, your longevity in the sport of bodybuilding will be underpinned.

What you cant change

I Your age The aging process diminishes normal muscle function, including strength, endurance, and flexibility. Lost muscle mass is replaced with fat and collagen. Collagen is the main component in connective tissue and is highly inflexible. Although aging is, of course, inevitable, you can greatly slow down this process with your lifestyle choices, such as eating right, exercising, and stretching regularly

Clinical aspect s

Milestones, atypical crawling, difficulty in rising from a squatting position, clumsy or waddling gait, toe walking, easy tripping with frequent falls, a diminished inability to run and climb stairs, and difficulty with school gymnastics (Arts et al., 1988 Mohire et al., 1988 Jobsis et al., 1999 Scacheri et al., 2002). There is gradual progression of muscle weakness resulting in wheelchair dependency in two-thirds of the patients over the age of 50 years (Jobsis et al., 1999 Scacheri et al., 2002). A minority of the patients with a severe form of Bethlem myopathy may stop walking as early as age 12 years (Mercuri et al., 2005). Both Haq et al. (1999) and Jobsis et al. (1999b) described a patient who developed respiratory insufficiency, necessitating night-time ventilatory support. Autopsy studies (Bethlem and Van Wijngaarden, 1976 Mohire et al., 1988) revealed that the diaphragm is involved in the myopathic proces. Life expectancy is usually normal.

The Internet

The skin is the largest organ in and around your body. The skin makes up approximately 80-90 of your body weight and personality. Your skin has trillions of cells which are being replaced every second by the millions. This replacement enables you to keep your youthful look and prevent the aging process. Each cell is made up of memory, intelligence, and energy governed by the nutritional chemistry of DNA and RNA. This, along with hemoglobin, the nutritional part of your blood that makes skin glow, makes up the chemistry that keeps your original, youthful design and separate male and female personality features and characteristics.


The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Promotes Super Health & Longevity The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle consists of eating a diet of 60 to 70 fresh, live, organically grown foods raw vegetables, salads, fresh fruits and juices sprouts, raw seeds and nuts all-natural 100 whole-grain breads, pastas, cereals and nutritious beans and legumes. These are the no cholesterol, no fat, no salt, live foods which combine to make up the body fuel that creates healthy, lively people that want to exercise and be fit. This healthy diet also creates energy, This is the reason people become revitalized and reborn into a fresh new life filled with joy, health, vitality, youthfulness and longevity We have millions of healthy followers around the world proving The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle works Now it's your turn


You can see how chronic deprivation of carbohydrates in the long run may have some negative effects on your body and mind. Chronic carb-depletion, for prolonged periods of time, may eventually compromise your mood, your ability to relax, your metabolism, and may even accelerate the aging process. It probably sounds old-fashioned to recommend that people go back to eating carbs, especially today when low-carb diets are the darling of the media, as well as many celebrities, fashion models, and diet gurus.

Carbohydrate Sources

I could write a book on the negative effects caused by high fructose diets including an increase in the aging process and free radical problems. The better choices are slow burning complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, multi-grain breads, and yams (yes, they do contain some fructose, but it is mostly mediated by other complex carbohydrates contained as well).

Fish Oils

Omega-3's also fight inflammation both in joints and muscle tissue. The importance here is that inflammation is not only associated with the aging process, but causes a chronic elevation of Cortisol. This chronic elevation can destroy the insulin receptors on muscle tissue and when this occurs, insulin levels rise setting off slow, albeit sure, increases in body fat.


- Through the aging process, it is natural and quite easy to gain weight. Gaining weight can be the root of many problems associated with aging like hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary artery disease (CAD), and myocardial infarction (MI or heart attack). Cardiovascular exercise helps to keep your weight down, which controls your cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of heart disease.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone (GH) is released from the pituitary gland within 30 to 90 minutes of dozing of to sleep. The release is greatest in teenage years and begin to decline after the mid-twenties. By the time a person reaches 60, GH levels are minute compared to that of a twenty year old. GH is lipolytic it burns fat. Declining GH levels as one ages is a reason individuals gain fat and lose muscle mass. Because GH supports the immune system, prevents bone loss and supports the retention of lean body mass, it has continued to be the craze among longevity enthusiasts. About 8 years ago, recombant GH, that made in a laboratory, was so expensive, only the wealthy could afford GH therapy as a means to control fat. These days, the price is radically lower and longevity clinics prescribe it like candy to any one who walks through the front door. How's it work Synthetic GH is injected daily, sometimes twice daily, to mimic the body's own GH. In time, GH causes a shifting effect in the metabolism...

William D Brink

Will Brink is a columnist, contributing consultant, and writer for numerous health fitness, medical, and bodybuilding publications. His articles on nutrition, supplements, weight loss, exercise and medicine can be found in magazines and journals such as Lets Live, Muscle Media 2000, MuscleMag International, The Life Extension Magazine, Muscle n Fitness, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Oxygen, and the Townsend Letter For Doctors.

Mind Body Options

Fran Scalessa, a yoga instructor in Summit, New Jersey, believes that its popularity hasn't yet crested. He notes, people enjoy it, and see the benefits of what they're doing. As the population ages, I'm sure even more will come. Yoga delays the aging process, and the stretching and relaxation we do in class directly benefits my students. With the increase in interest, many fitness organizations are training instructors in yoga forms. While most purists would call classes like fitness yoga and yoga ball purely western derivations, they are becoming very popular in health clubs around the country, and those who participate cite relaxation and a sense of well-being as major benefits.


Brain tissue has been found to be especially rich in PS and it appears aging causes a decline in the PS content of cells throughout the body. So, it's no wonder that longevity groups and individuals concerned with brain function due to various causes have taken an interest in PS.


Part of the secret of Health and Longevity of life lies in getting rid of poisonous, dead, worn-out cellular tissue, which if allowed to remain would prevent the perfect functioning of the various organs. One of the methods by which this dead matter may be eliminated is by properly directed muscular exercises, such as I am giving you.

DHEA Eternal Youth

As you get older, your production of DHEA naturally drops off. Studies suggest that people with high DHEA levels live longer and have less heart disease and cancer. Other studies hint that DHEA helps prevent Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, osteoporosis, and other problems. The ads for DHEA supplements promise that it builds muscle, burns fat, stimulates your sex drive, and, of course, slows aging.

Wisdom Of The Ages

Just imagine if we could solve the mystery of life sufficient to extend man's life expectancy to reach the century mark. What wonderful progress the human race would make in everything that is worthwhile. I believe the best tool we have of achieving that goal is barbell training and proper eating.

Biography Will Brink

Ill Brink is a columnist, contributing consultant, and writer for numerous health fitness, medical, and bodybuilding publications. His articles on nutrition, supplements, weight loss, exercise and medicine can be found in magazines and journals such as Lets Live, Muscle Media 2000, MuscleMag International, Life Extension, Muscle & Fitness, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Oxygen, The Townsend Letter For Doctors, as well as many others.

Grim Glycation

In the last twenty years, science has discovered that elevated blood-sugar levels appear to play a significant role in the aging process itself. Naturally, diabetes provoked these investigations it is startling how this disease's effects on organs and tissues mimic the effects of aging at an accelerated pace.

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